In the past week, the US has woken up to three mink farm raids by the Animal Liberation Front. First in Ohio, where 1000 mink were released into the wild. Michigan was the next target, where 800 mink were reed from cages. Yesterday, at a different farm in Ohio, 40,000 mink found freedom thanks to the ALF, who have yet to claim the action.

Every time that a liberation of this manner is reported, there are many critical voices within the movement that insist in the ecological impact of such actions, or that believe that the animals are far too domesticated to make it in the wild.

We would love to analyse those claims, as well as talk about the thought process behind this type of action, as they are some of the most impactful liberations in the recent years.

Mink liberations (like game bird liberations, or even deer parks) have one very powerful characteristic. Whilst they behave like any other animal liberation action -freeing animals from their place of abuse – they are understood easier as a sabotage action. Unlike other kinds of liberations where the domesticated animals will need care for the rest of their lives, wild animal releases do not require the transport of animals to a secure location, or the rehoming of each individual, or the ongoing treatment and medical care for the rest of their lives. The people involved in wild animal releases do not have to travel out of the raid location with a van full of animals (and the immediate and forensic risk that that entails). Instead, the animals are released into the wild, where they are fully able to meet all their needs and express all their wants. That is a very powerful and much less burdensome action.

We are not talking here about the release of domesticated individuals into the wild. For example, the release of rabbits from a meat farm will without a doubt ensure their death after a few days or weeks, whilst the raid of a rabbit game farm could see thousands of wild rabbits make it into the wild to live for generations to come. In the case of mink, for the most part, fur farms breed American Mink. They are not genetically (or behaviourally) different to their already free comrades. The release of American mink in the North American continent will not force those animals into any more difficulties than any other part of the wild faces with the uber-development of the human species trampling on all sorts of almost disappearing habitats.

There is always an argument about the ecological impact of releasing any kind of animal into the wild, specially on big numbers. The introduction of thousands of individuals does indeed cause an ecological imbalance. But we shouldn’t blame the liberators for that imbalance. The imbalance has been manufactured by greed and capitalism destroying habitat around the world, and by fur farmers that have decided to breed thousands of animals and confine them into a tiny farm. In fact, there has been multiple instances where the farmers themselves have decided to release mink into the wild when the cost of feeding and murdering them was higher than the profits of selling their pelts. Self liberated mink are a common occurrence in mink farms, and arguably if a mink liberation is so impactful that the farm shuts down for good, the ecological impact will be greatly reduced in comparison to decades of that same mink farm working ‘business as usual, releasing mink when they feel like it, with escapees running out of the farm constantly and producing a huge amount of animal waste that leaks into the ecosystem.

There is no action without consequence, and we hope that every single fur farm shuts down, be it because you make them shut down, or because the raids in other farms scare the owners into the realisation that mink (and fox, and chinchilla, and rabbit!) farming is a thing of the past, reserved to history books under the “human horrors and cruelty” chapter.

For more information on mink farm locations (in the USA) and on how people in the past have raided mink farms worldwide, visit https://finalnail.wordpress.com/



While there has rightly been a focus on the neo-Nazi elements in the Ukrainian military, we want to highlight the anarchists in Ukraine who are organising autonomously in the fight against Russian fascism, bringing together comrades from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and beyond. Many of these anarchists organise under the banner of the Resistance Committee, created at the outset of war, they aimed to mobilise a popular resistance to the occupation.

Before the war they had no cohesive organisation but have been galvanised to bring together anarchists that fight under various groups within the Ukrainian Territorial Defence. This of course involves fighting in a statist army, one that also counts ultra-nationalists in its own ranks. The Resistance Committee have therefore created their own structures to communicate a manifesto that takes inspiration from the Kurdish Freedom Movement. It calls not just for the fall of Putin, but accepts that oppression and precarity are faced by all of us in modern capitalism and challenges us all to free ourselves and our communities.

In the next weeks we will be featuring some of their activities as well as their political standpoint as a reference of anarchist organising within statist war. We are working on a fundraiser to support their fighting not just because of their anarchist background but also because many of them are also antispeciesist vegans and because their mine-searching-vegan-combat-ration treasure hunts are fucking hilarious.

If you want to see this antifascist group fight free from either Western or Putinist propaganda, check out their Instagram and Telegram here: https://linktr.ee/Theblackheadquarter

PHOTO: www.militantwire.com


Our comrades from Sweden Hunt Saboteurs are once again having to fight against the messacre that is the Wolf Cull. This time, 75 wolves are scheduled to be murdered at the begining of January.

We have attached their words below, but pleasem, if you can afford it, donate to their FireFund and support them as much as you can from wherever you are in the world. The group fights constantly against hunting praqctives throughout the country, but their members are also strong antispeciesist comrades who take on the fight in many different fronts and are deserving of as much solidarity as you can extend. If you are unable to donate, please share as much as possible!

“On January 2nd the wolf hunt starts in Sweden and 75 wolves have been sentenced to lose their lives in brutal and ruthless ways. The hunters will tear families apart, torture them to death and traumatize not only the wolves but all the inhabitants of the forest. The wolf hatred is both great and accepted in Sweden which results in wolves being tortured and poisoned to death. Wolves are also a big part of the trophy hunt which means that their lives will be sold to the highest bidder, both legally and illegally.

Hunt Saboteurs Sweden intends to make the hunting difficult and prevent the killing in every possible way to protect the wolves. We will do everything in our power to protect and save these innocent and amazing creatures from the hunters bloodlust. Do you want to help the wolves and our work? Read more about it or donate by clicking the link.The security of the page is high and all the money goes directly to the protection of the wolves.

Protect the wolves – hunt the hunters!


Find Sweden Hunt Saboteurs here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HuntSaboteursSweden

Instagram: @huntsabssweden https://www.instagram.com/huntsabssweden/


Our friends at Wildfire Magazine have published the third issue after the success of volume 1 and 2!

In this volume, CAFT USA discusses the strategy behind their anti fur campaign, there is a very interesting article on how to write reports and Shut Down T&S Rabbits is featured covering their campaign to free the rabbits.

As always, at the end of the magazine there are a few pages with Blackmask, a comic about the Animal Liberation Front drawn by Praxis.

We have got a good bunch in stock, 3 GPB as a minimum donation, and you can find them on our website!

Please note that because all of us are working with Underground Badger Syndicate fighting the badger cull, orders might take a couple of weeks to ship. Be patient, we will get the mags to you this month!

If you’re interested in bulk buying to fundraise for your group, you can drop Wildfire Magazine a line on instagram @wildfire.zine and have a chat with them about prices



It’s been four whole years since ISIS took your life in Rojava. It’s a strange feeling, to remember you. It still hurts, but my emotions about your murder have now become those of inspiration and defiance a lot more than of hurt and sorrow. You are missed, and I often catch myself wondering what you’d think about a situation, or what you’d suggest doing to further a campaign, but it feels like you are someone to seek inspiration from more than a deep pool of sadness.

I do wish you’d been here this year. So many inspiring projects, and so many people fighting. I’m sure we would’ve had one or two very heated arguments about the efficacy of people dressed up as rabbits in the T&S campaign. I am sure you’d have brought to the table a lot more ideas to further the struggle.

I sometimes think about the true meaning of şehid namirin. Not in the political sense of the Kurdish people, but in a very personal sense. You, like Anna, never actually died because you keep inspiring every step of the way. When I was told you were gone I felt the need to walk faster, to push faster, to fight further. And since then, in every step I have done, every campaign I have joined, I have drawn inspiration from you.

So here we are, four years later, and I can only hope that it is not just me that remembers you with love and rage. I can only hope that many others feel as inspired by you as I do to fight against fascism, to fight for the planet we live on, and to fight for all the animals that inhabit the earth. I sure will keep fighting, in raging memory.

To all who remember Waka, and to all who know that Waka deserves remembrance, make this weekend one loud party of disobedience and insurrection. As a true believer in diversity of tactics, Waka would have appreciated any form of action. Go wild.

Warm and deep love to all our forest friends wherever you are, whatever you’re up to.

Fuck cops. Fuck Daesh. Fuck Erdogan. Fuck coal. Fuck the hunt.

We howl to the moon tonight.

Anarchy or death.



Our comrades at Wildfire have let us know they are doing bulk pre orders for Volume 3 of your favourite anarchist animal liberationist magazine.

With so much interesting content in the past two volumes, we are sure volume 3 is not going to disappoint, so we have ordered 100 copies for you all to enjoy. You’ll be able to purchase them through our website once they arrive to us!

They are still taking pre orders for bulk, so if you are a group, a campaign or some sort of colletive that would like to purchase a bunch to make a few extra coins, you can reach them on wildfiremagazine (at) riseup (dot) net, or directly on Instagram on @wildfire.zine.

Their bulk orders are a minimum of 30 magazines, and the price is 1 GBP per mag. Not bad is it?! Get ordering if you think you can shift a few!

We love Wildfire not only because it is very pretty and it has good content, but also because there is no doubt that paper mags create so much more culture than social media accounts.

We can’t wait to have it in stock in our website, are you excited to read it?



So it’s been six years. Six years of travelling and covering news on the frontlines of eco struggle and animal rights. Six years of workshops, security culture and technology guides, history of the animal liberation movement and six years serving as a platform for anonymous reporting.

We have seen friends being sent down and come out of jail. We’ve written a lot of letters to prisoners, gotten excited about the work that many of you are doing to further the revolution, learnt new ways to organise and caused a whole lot of trouble.

Unoffensive Animal was born out of the need to bridge the social media activist scene with the direct action scene. As an anarchist collective, we wanted to teach that another world is possible, we wanted to reach out to other action groups and we wanted to educate the public about what a few, anonymous and dedicated folks, are willing to do in the path to liberation.

This year has been exciting to see. The kick off of Free the MBR Beagles, the resurgence of CAFT USA and the Shut Down T&S campaign are inspiring and give us hope for the future. The fierce eco resistance of the Atlanta Forest protectors has been inspiring. So many fantastic campaigns to support! We are sure that many other campaigns under the radar are also working heaps towards a better world and we cannot wait to hear about them too!

As always, we would like to remind you all that UA is a collaborative project, we are open to submissions, we are always happy to receive an email about something new and we love that folks who follow the collective reach out to help and become part of the collective itself!

We would also like to remind you that, although we do not make any profit, pay ourselves any wages and do not do the work for the money, as UA still exists within a capitalist society we are dependent on your donations to keep afloat. We never really get enough to save for better days, so if you can, please consider doing a little donation as an anniversary gift, or joining as a patreon if you can afford a monthly donation! We accept Monero donations too if you prefer to be completely anonymous. You can find our crypto addresses on the website, and out patreon and PayPal below.

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Last month we reached out to all of you to ask for support as we couldn’t afford to pay for all the infrastructure that keeps our website and internet presence afloat. Thankfully many of you donated, and especially thanks to a single, very generous donation, we have managed to cover the costs of servers, domains and other infrastructure for the next year. We are truly grateful for that support.

Unoffensive Animal has been going for a good handful of years and we believe the project is useful for the broader movement. For as long as the movement finds the project useful too, we will keep going and adding to the fight towards animal liberation.

If you appreciate our platform, or if you think that our work is needed in this fight against the system, do reach out and collaborate. Supporting isn’t just about sending funds (although we are incredibly short for funds all the time), but also about sending ideas, submitting write-ups and helping with whatever you think UA could publish about.

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After the Animal Rights Militia sent a communique threatening those involved in the badger cull in Ireland, some people had questions. Many of those questions require a lot of nuances to be answered, but a reader decided to send over a little overview of who the Animal Rights Militia is, which you can read in full (albeit slightly modified) below:

“So, you support the ALF. Great! But what about the ARM (Animal Right Militia)? Do you know who they are? Just as a reminder, the ALF consists of small leaderless autonomous groups of people committed to doing all that it takes to end animal abuse. There are no membership cards: anyone can be an ALF activist. You can see it as a banner under which activists claim responsibility for illegal actions as long as they follow the ALF guidelines. One of these guidelines is to take all necessary precautions against harming any animal, human or non-human.

However, not all activists agree on the moral hierarchy of actions that comes with this ethical stance. Some groups choose to employ a variety of tactics, including the use of violence against animal abusers. They then go one step beyond the ALF stance of non-violence. In doing so, they have historically generated a lot of controversy within the movement.

This is the case of the ARM, whose first mission was the sending of parcel bombs to Margaret Thatcher’s residence. In 1982, the British government attempts to block a common Market ban on imports of seal products. Letters were sent to Thatcher, the three major opposition party leaders and a government official. The one addressed to the MP flared up in the face of a security officer who was slightly burned.

While advocating the use of violence when necessary, it should be noted that no deaths have been attributed to the ARM to date. Actions range from firebombing to product contamination to death threats to those making profits from animal exploitation. They are often just hoaxes that cause economic damage and fear among the abusers. Some other examples include the poisoning of Mars candy bars in 1984 which forced the company to withdraw “suspicious” batches of products leading to a loss of £3 million or planting firebombs at a McDonald’s restaurant in Gothenburg in 2011.

All that said, one must distinguish between refusing to perceive a moral distinction between non-human and human animals and seeing the human as the predator to be slaughtered. The latter has a toe in eco-fascism. Let’s not hide our eyes, some groups with methods similar to ARM have had extreme right-wing people in their midst. The argument against violence is notably widespread in the eco and animal liberation movement and it would be beneficial for those learning about the movement to study other concepts, for example reading ‘The Failure of non-violence’. That said, one must remain aware of the historical implications that some groups have had in connection to fascism so that whatever path one decides to take, it is not tarnished by the methodology of the far right.”


Over the 5 years we’ve been working we have brought you much news about the animal liberation movement, we’ve organised workshops and even gatherings. We’ve served as a platform for anonymous reporting and supported multiple prisoners. This is all done off the backs of volunteers who do not make any money and just do it to further the movement.

Sadly over time we have been recieveing less and less donations and sometimes we haven’t been able to do all the projects we’d like to.

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(photo: North East Surrey College of Technology (NESCOT) on April 19th 1986. 11 hamsters, 40 gerbils, 70 rats, and 400 mice.)

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