25th September 2021, Chile.

originally posted: Noticias de la Guerra Social

translated by: DarkNights

On Saturday, September 25, 2021 at the Medialuna* of the Valiant of NOS, located next to Route 5 South, in the commune of San Bernardo, some attendees found a suspicious device under the bleachers, calling GOPE personnel who quickly went to the site.
Specialized police personnel found two incendiary devices composed of plastic bottles filled with fuel, plus cables, batteries and a watch. After hours of work and the evacuation of 300 attendees, the GOPE managed to deactivate the device, indicating in the press that it was destined to be activated at 14:00hrs or in 14 hours (press versions are contradictory in this regard).

Pamphlets signed by “Grupo de Respuesta Animal” were found in the sector, rejecting the rodeo as an anthropocentric and speciesist expression.

The president of the Validiva de Paine Club, Manuel Meneses, told the press: “It hurts my heart to think that there is someone who wants to threaten the lives of our people, who are all Chileans (…) We found pamphlets threatening our rodeo and other activities. They say that it is the first of many to come and everything that has to do with the animal world, livestock, etc. They threaten everything that is not a threat. They threaten everything that is not vegan”.

While UDI deputy Juan Antonio Coloma said: “We hope not only for an investigation, but also that it is understood that rodeo is a tradition. One can have different positions but violence cannot be one of them”,

The thwarted arson attack will be investigated by the South Prosecutor’s Office and its OS-9 sleuths in charge of the self-styled “bomb squad”.

Translation of claim pamphlet:
“In an anthropocentric and speciesist world where the animal is used for human consumption and entertainment we take action as animals in revenge and sabotage against all those who profit with the pain of other species, today it was a rodeo, calf torture center and exploitation of horses, but tomorrow it could be the livestock industry, hunting centers, fur industries, vivisection centers and all those who profit with the suffering and death of other species, we join them for the liberation of animals and the Earth.
-Animal Response Group”


originally published by: attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!

27th December, Gratkorn, Austria.

“The Gratkorn hydroelectric power station, under construction on the Mur river north of Graz, lost two excavators in flames of rage. The material damage is enormous. Energie Steiermark [a company producing and distributing electrical energy, three quarters of which is owned by the Austrian state of Styria] wants to keep up its green image, but it has to contend with clouds of black smoke…Since the completion of the hydroelectric power station on the Mur in Graz, a project that had been the subject of major protests for years, many people thought the struggle was over. Yet the roadmap of the big companies has not changed. Verbund [Austria’s largest electricity producer and one of the largest producers of hydroelectric power in Europe] and Energie Steiermark are still wreaking havoc along the Mur, building one dam after another, ripping out thousands of trees, and ignoring the concerns of nature conservationists. The images of the many dead fish after the flood of mud will not be forgotten.

Your greenwashing plans are not a solution to the climate crisis, but maintain the status quo, so that everyone can continue to consume as much (electricity) as they want. Continuing to consume comfortably: THAT is the real interest of today’s civilisation!

Despite the abandonment of the useless motorway through the Lobau region around Vienna, the urban road has not yet been abandoned and the occupation continues
The sealing of surfaces and the irreversible concreting of soils have disastrous consequences for the climate of cities, which in any case are already far too hot. The so-called compensation measures are a load of rubbish. This is explained by those responsible, with their three steps, by advertising slogans such as “ecological” and “CO2-free”, but some people do not accept this.

To show how disgusting this environmental destruction is and how vulnerable the system is, two excavators were set on fire. It’s fascinating how well these things burn, maybe this will inspire someone? (YES, this is an incitement to crime!)

The battle is far from over.

Solidarity with all struggles against exploitation and devastation around the world! Whether in Vienna, in Mexico against the Tren Maya or against the giant dams on the last rivers in the Balkans.

Down with the machines that are destroying spaces of life!

For building autonomy and a sustainable way of life!”


By now you have learnt about what our platform does as well as what we do not do and what political background we have, and it is time to learn how people send direct action reports anonymously.

As mentioned before, we do not take part in actions, we simply serve as a platform for people to report their activities furthering the struggle. But for people to remain anonymous whilst sending reports, they need to follow a few steps so they can send information safely.

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For that reason, we only accept reports over email.

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Now you can report your actions if you need to, and report them safely.




Janyary, Germany.


From German Media (translation)

The sight of the destroyed, sawn-down hunting high seat, which lies on the ground on the country road between Rheinfelden and Möhlin, annoys Willy Itin, hunting supervisor in the Rheinfelden area. “2000 francs are over,” he says and adds: “It’s a bottomless impudence – just destroying someone else’s property.” With red paint, the alleged perpetrator has sprayed her abbreviation on the high seat: “ALF” – Animal Liberation Front.

Their goal is to prevent animal testing and killing of animals. This is done, for example, by attacks on laboratories and animal farms by means of sabotage or arson attacks. Danger to life and a queasy feeling It is hard to imagine, according to Itin, what could have happened if the perpetrators had only sawn on the stilts or the ladder and a hunter in the seat had fallen as a result.

He says: In the worst case, you can break your back – or a shot can come loose.” In general, it would be anything but easy for hunting today to fulfill its mission of keeping game damage to a minimum. “Animal rights activists don’t want us to hunt anymore and according to some farmers, we can’t hunt often enough,” says Itin.

Two more high seats destroyed It was not the only action against the hunting parties in the lower Fricktal in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Also in the hunting ground Möhlin-Süd in the Röti area at the foot of the Sonnenberg tower, the ALF allegedly sawed a high seat, a third fell near the brewery Feldschlösschen in the hunting ground Olsberg. In the past, the three hunting societies had no problems with the said animal liberation front. In principle, one could be against hunting, says Paul Mahrer, deputy supervisor in the Möhlin Süd district. But: “You should then please collect signatures, but not commit a crime.”

In the future, you have to check carefully whether the high seat is not manipulated before you climb on it, warns Mahrer. He hopes that the police can identify the perpetrators and that they will have to bear the costs on which the hunting party would otherwise remain seated.

The other hunting societies also hope for this in unison. Thus, the reassembly is not only associated with costs, but also with time and work.

Police have started the investigation Yesterday afternoon, it was still unclear whether further high seats had been destroyed. As Corina Winkler, spokeswoman for the cantonal police, says, the police have started the investigation and secured the first traces.


18th January, Thrapston UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“Whilst a demo was being held on Tuesday 18th January at Impex Services International Ltd in Thrapston some activists were tipped off by angry locals as to where company director Russell Phillip Morgan lived and decided to pay him a visit.

Thanks to the £80k Porsche he drives with personalised number plate R55 RPM his large house was easy to find behind electric security gates on Toll Bar Road. Despite pressing the buzzer it appeared Russell felt a little shy so activists jumped the gate and walked up to his front door to tell him his vile business transporting animals to their deaths is not welcome in Thrapston and never will be.

Once at the door neither Russell nor wife Amy would answer but instead tried to hide inside, activists held up signs and set off smoke grenades and made sure they both felt some intimidation for what they put animals through every single day in order for them to live their privileged lifestyle.

If you’re reading this Russel, we will not stop until Impex closes down for good, the high life is over, it’s time to close down your disgusting business once for all. “


On the 28th of January, nine activists will face a court trial in Le Mans, France. They are accused of criminal damage, the rescue of seven lambs and belonging to a liminal association. Multiple civil parties are involved red with the prosecution including FNSEA (national farmers association), Interveb (interprofessional association for livestock and meat) and Hendrix Genetics (a company specialising in the breeding of livestock that holds twenty-eight million animals in their breeding database).

The activists are facing a range of sentences, from very hefty fines to suspended sentences or even firm prison sentences.

Two of the seven lambs are also facing prosecution, and out of the outcome of the court case, the state is asking for the animals to be given back to the breeder.

Folks are asking for solidarity outside of court, at 9 am in front of the Cité Judiciarie in Le Mans, but they also wish for their story to be told and shared far and wide.

If you cannot show solidarity by being present during court, you can choose to take whatever action you feel makes sense in solidarity with the defendants and the lambs.

They also have a fundraiser to help with legal fees that you can find here: 




17th January, Atlanta Forest.

via: Scenes from the Atlanta Forest

anonymously submitted:

“Today a bulldozer and three employees (One being Alan WIlliams, the project manager with the APF) attempted to destroy the forest.

A group gathered to stop the destruction under the call of “Not One Blade Of Grass!”.

The group approached the construction workers and some led them outside of the forest while the machinery was attacked leaving broken windows and mangled machinery entrails.

The group escaped with zero arrests.”



October 2021, Malleville-sur-le-Bec

Received anonymously:


“At the end of October, in Malleville-sur-le-Bec in the Eure (27), a container used as a hunting hut was set on fire by an anonymous person.

A hole was made in the roof and flammable material was spread inside the hunting hut.”

“Fin octobre, à Malleville-sur-le-Bec dans l’Eure (27), un conteneur faisant office de cabane de chasse a été incendié par un·e ou des anonymes.

Un trou a été fait dans le toit et du produit inflammable a été répandu à l’intérieur de la cabane de chasse.”


December 2021, January 2022, Bristol UK

received anonymously via email:

“Four tyres on a Pak’s butchers van, December.
Two large windows smashed of butchers in Clifton at the mill 30th Dec.
Window and door butchers Srt Werbergs 15th January”

Photo: Unrelated, butchers attacked by the ALF in Bristol in solidarity with Bristol rioters back in 2021.


9th January, Italy

via: Frente De Liberacion Animal (translation)

“The Animal Liberation Front has liberated a hunting dog that was extremelly ill in Veneto (Italy).

Their liberation was the only viable solution. Overnight, hidden in the shadows, the liberators broke their chains.

Now they are being treated by a vet and will live in a home where they will be respected and lovel til the end of their life.”

«El Frente de Liberación Animal libera a un ex perro de caza enfermo in Veneto (Italia).

Su liberación fue la única solución, durante la noche, ocultxs, su liberadores rompieron su cadenas .

Ahora está en cuidado veterinario y estará en un hogar donde será respetado y querido hasta el final de sus días”.