25th September 2021, Chile.

originally posted: Noticias de la Guerra Social

translated by: DarkNights

On Saturday, September 25, 2021 at the Medialuna* of the Valiant of NOS, located next to Route 5 South, in the commune of San Bernardo, some attendees found a suspicious device under the bleachers, calling GOPE personnel who quickly went to the site.
Specialized police personnel found two incendiary devices composed of plastic bottles filled with fuel, plus cables, batteries and a watch. After hours of work and the evacuation of 300 attendees, the GOPE managed to deactivate the device, indicating in the press that it was destined to be activated at 14:00hrs or in 14 hours (press versions are contradictory in this regard).

Pamphlets signed by “Grupo de Respuesta Animal” were found in the sector, rejecting the rodeo as an anthropocentric and speciesist expression.

The president of the Validiva de Paine Club, Manuel Meneses, told the press: “It hurts my heart to think that there is someone who wants to threaten the lives of our people, who are all Chileans (…) We found pamphlets threatening our rodeo and other activities. They say that it is the first of many to come and everything that has to do with the animal world, livestock, etc. They threaten everything that is not a threat. They threaten everything that is not vegan”.

While UDI deputy Juan Antonio Coloma said: “We hope not only for an investigation, but also that it is understood that rodeo is a tradition. One can have different positions but violence cannot be one of them”,

The thwarted arson attack will be investigated by the South Prosecutor’s Office and its OS-9 sleuths in charge of the self-styled “bomb squad”.

Translation of claim pamphlet:
“In an anthropocentric and speciesist world where the animal is used for human consumption and entertainment we take action as animals in revenge and sabotage against all those who profit with the pain of other species, today it was a rodeo, calf torture center and exploitation of horses, but tomorrow it could be the livestock industry, hunting centers, fur industries, vivisection centers and all those who profit with the suffering and death of other species, we join them for the liberation of animals and the Earth.
-Animal Response Group”

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