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Translated by Act for freedom now!

27th December, Gratkorn, Austria.

“The Gratkorn hydroelectric power station, under construction on the Mur river north of Graz, lost two excavators in flames of rage. The material damage is enormous. Energie Steiermark [a company producing and distributing electrical energy, three quarters of which is owned by the Austrian state of Styria] wants to keep up its green image, but it has to contend with clouds of black smoke…Since the completion of the hydroelectric power station on the Mur in Graz, a project that had been the subject of major protests for years, many people thought the struggle was over. Yet the roadmap of the big companies has not changed. Verbund [Austria’s largest electricity producer and one of the largest producers of hydroelectric power in Europe] and Energie Steiermark are still wreaking havoc along the Mur, building one dam after another, ripping out thousands of trees, and ignoring the concerns of nature conservationists. The images of the many dead fish after the flood of mud will not be forgotten.

Your greenwashing plans are not a solution to the climate crisis, but maintain the status quo, so that everyone can continue to consume as much (electricity) as they want. Continuing to consume comfortably: THAT is the real interest of today’s civilisation!

Despite the abandonment of the useless motorway through the Lobau region around Vienna, the urban road has not yet been abandoned and the occupation continues
The sealing of surfaces and the irreversible concreting of soils have disastrous consequences for the climate of cities, which in any case are already far too hot. The so-called compensation measures are a load of rubbish. This is explained by those responsible, with their three steps, by advertising slogans such as “ecological” and “CO2-free”, but some people do not accept this.

To show how disgusting this environmental destruction is and how vulnerable the system is, two excavators were set on fire. It’s fascinating how well these things burn, maybe this will inspire someone? (YES, this is an incitement to crime!)

The battle is far from over.

Solidarity with all struggles against exploitation and devastation around the world! Whether in Vienna, in Mexico against the Tren Maya or against the giant dams on the last rivers in the Balkans.

Down with the machines that are destroying spaces of life!

For building autonomy and a sustainable way of life!”

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