In 2016, Jessica took action to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline but dismantling machinery as well as pipeline valves. In 2021 she was sentenced to eight years in prison, aided by the application of a terrorism enhancement to her action to save the water and show solidarity with indigenous communities. Without that terrorism enhancement, she would’ve served three years instead. She has also been asked for restitution of  $3,198,512.70 paid to Energy Transfer LLC. 

She reported to prison on August 11th and she could do with letters of support and love. She likes nature, camping, swimming, hiking, theology, music, gardening, laughter and eco-sustainability.

Please write to her here:

Jessica Reznicek # 19293-030
FCI Waseca
PO Box 1731
Waseca, MN 56093

Keep up to date with her case and with all other ways to support her whilst incarcerated on the support website:

Scheduled release: 11th August 2029



26th August, Poland.

received anonymously via email:

“At the end of August in the south of Poland, the antispeciesist activists sabotaged hunting tower.

Hunting is not a sport, not a hobby, but only a murder authorized by the Polish state.

ALF Silesia”


11th August, Roth, Germany.

‘According to local press, hunters in Roth are under a constant campaign of sabotage that is making them stop enjoying going out to shoot animals.

Tyres have been slashed, wildlife cameras stolen or broken, dog shit smeared over the towers and seats as well as sabotage of the hunting cabins and ladders.

A camera trap pointing towards another camera trap managed to partially film a concerned citizen smashing another wildlife camera whilst walking the dogs, but it has not been possible to identify them.

A hunter in the area reported that after having climbed to the top of the seat he realised it was unsafe it toppled down with him on top, whilst he was carrying a gun. He says that after his “near death experience” he is scared to go out hunting and spends a long time ensuring the seats are safe.


We have received a new influx of followers on all our social media platforms so there is a need to reintroduce ourselves once again! Unoffensive Animal is a collective project focused on prisoner and arrest support, on education for activists and on working as a platform for underground actions that are reported anonymously.

We are not the ALF, we do not take part in illegal actions (regardless of how righteous they might be) and we are unable to put you in touch with people that do as the reports we receive are anonymous.

Folks can send reports through our website and should never do so via private message on social media.

Some of you might’ve noticed that our merch shop has been shut for a couple of months. This is due to redistributing responsibilities and finding a manageable workload. We certainly have felt the change considerably and it is only thanks to patrons and some private individuals that we have managed to still send some of the donations we normally do to different prisoners or folks that have been fined during actions.

It would be very useful to hear from you about our merch store. Have you missed it? Would you like to see it re open soon? Do you think we need new designs, or we should reprint our classics?

Unoffensive has always run as a not-for-profit initiative. We are not interested in financial gain and we don’t pay our lives with it. The project has always been an outlet of mutual aid and an attempt to empower activists to keep fighting for animal liberation and for human liberation.

All money made through Unoffensive Animal is used to upkeep the infrastructure necessary to exist on the internet (website, servers, domains and whatnot), it is sent to different prisoners serving time for being involved in the fight for a better world and occasionally (when we can afford it) is put towards projects of active overground groups fighting for animal liberation.

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Last week we talked about a vivisection guinea pig breeder that was successfully shut down in Newchurch, UK, and we said we would carry on our ALFRIDAYS looking at other campaigns that targeted vivisection breeders. 

This time we don’t bring you a whole campaign history, but a single ALF action. We will talk about Highgate as a historical target in a different article. 

In January 2008 ALF volunteers accessed Highgate Farm, a vivisection breeder selling rabbits to laboratories. They had to pull a section of the roof to avoid the alarm system, and at the end of the night, they had managed to liberate 129 rabbits. Once finished with the animals, they targeted a quad, a lawnmower, a van and a sports car and sabotaged them all, causing around £100,000 worth of damage.

The action effectively convinced Geoff Douglas, owner of Highgate, to stop trading. Sadly he was later convinced by the police to resume his business, and in April 2009 it was reported that a £60,000 security system had been installed on the farm to deter animal liberation activists.

To this day, Highgate Farm is still operating in the quiet village of Normanby By Spital, Lincolnshire, and it is claimed to be one of the only standalone, -not connected to a lab or university – vivisection breeders in the UK (although that remains to be proven). 

A single activist was arrested, he refused to turn informant and was sent to prison accused of taking part in the raid. You can read his publication about it here:

Although this single action did not shut down that farm and although rabbits are still being bred to be tortured in Highgate, there is something to be said about the diversity of tactics during campaigning and how strong the concept of direct action has been to tackle vivisection.

Direct action against vivisection didn’t just achieve its primary focus of liberating and causing damage to an animal experimentation business but also aided to give a choice to animal abusing scum. Either talk to the above-ground campaigners and turn your business around or face the wrath of the underground movement. 

Below is the report that was sent to BiteBack after the ALF action. The video attached to it is the footage obtained by activists inside the farm whilst liberating the rabbits.

“06.01.2008, Highgate Rabbit Farm, Highgate, Normanby-by-Spital, Lincolnshire, UK.

During the midnight hours of 6th January 2008, A.L.F volunteers gained entry to a rabbit breeder who provides animals to suffer and die in the miserable vivisection industry. Customers of this breeder include HLS and several UK Universities.

A ventilation fan was forcibly removed to evade the alarm systems on the doors. Inside rabbits were lined in barren cages breathing in the stench of shit and urea, waiting to be tortured to death in animal testing labs. But tonight, the activists had a more compassionate fate for them. A total of 129 rabbits were loaded in friendship groups into bags and taken immediately to safety. Never will they have to know or experience an experimental facility or university lab. Some of the rabbits were visibly excited when they reached their new lives, playing in the straw and eating carrots happily.

We couldn’t leave without saying a proper good bye! On site we found a quad bike with trailer plus a lawnmower. All tyres were popped, locks glued, expanding foam in the exhaust, and were paintstripped. Next, we found a large white van obviously used as part of the sickening business. We redecorated it with nice new paint work, paintstripper, glued locks, popped tyres, and expanding foam up the exhaust. We also found a rather posh sports car parked outside the house which also had a little makeover just like the van.



Wildfire is back with the recent release of its long anticipated second volume. Brought to you by fellow dirty anarchists with a much needed focus on direct action relating to animal liberation.

Their zine includes an ALF highlight, info on post-liberation vet care, an exclusive interview with, another brilliant Black Mask comic by @praxis_vgz and much more.

It is really cool to see people working on projects like this so be sure to support and if you want to contribute with a write up, your art, photos, campaign, whatever them email them at: [email protected]

You can purchase volume I and II from @wildfire.zine on Instagram. Contact them to get an individual copy or buy bulk! Grous can buy bulk from them to help with the next print and to be able to resale and fund their own projects. Drop them a DM and get ordering! We will also be selling both volumes of their zine once the UA shop is up and running again.

Keep reading and keep fighting. Be inspired to make what you’ve read on the page a physical reality.


6th August, Germany.

received anonymously via email:

“Three towers destroyed in north rhine westphalia, germany.

Hunt the hunters, protect the wild!”


We received a very elocuent submission writing about the current anti vivisection campaign hitting the UK and about the history of social change as well as specifically the history of anti vivisection. It is a fantastic read and we think you should give it ten minutes of your time!


“How inspiring it is to the see the wave of activists who have spent more than fifty continuous days so far trying to free the MBR Beagles. Sure, some correct-discourse “anti-speciesist” literature would tell you there are more important fights in the struggle for animal liberation. And clearly my feelings are tinged by a personal history and my love of collective community based spikey grass roots direct action. But this is an historic opportunity for the animal rights movement, and it provides us with a vital component for social change: momentum.

Previously, the hunger strikers, blanket men and women and political prisoners of Long Kesh and Armagh held my inspiration. The example that the prison cell, and the sacrifice of a gaol sentence, can be turned on it´s oppressors and used to heighten political conscience and militant action. When I found myself in a lonely prison cell, I remembered the thinking of such prisoners: “The first priority was escape, after that was education.” With my relatively short sentence escape was unrealistic but education was a privileged use of my time. Where else can people afford the time, lack of distraction and clarity of mind to study in the UK these days anyway? Through the prison library and correspondence from those amazing people that write to animal liberation prisoners I became somewhat evangelistic about education. University followed prison and as for my dissertation I researched the history of the animal rights movement, looking at campaigning against vivisection and in particular the emergence of radical and popular but planned, organised and intelligent direct action. Whilst my research into such a grand and glorious history is finite, I formed the opinion that in the late 1960s and early 1970s a core group of people emerged inspired by third-world and post-colonial liberation struggles. With a mother´s love for the animals and unstoppable desire akin to a revolutionary´s spirit – they were serious about helping those trapped in such unimaginable circuits of torture. Richard Ryder´s Animal Revolution documents elements of this history quite well, but only the original 1989 edition, as the millennial reprint did´t survive censorship.

These activists had an idea about what they wanted to achieve, and they were committed to realising that goal. It was one of the most noblest apologies a human can make to animal – to liberate them from the miserable enslavement humanity has inflicted upon them. This was their goal, and they never lost sight of it. Whether this could happen in our current social media dominated world is a question for the historians. But political activism in the social-media age can appear to be so based on slogans, attention or reaction, devoid of the principled, heart-pulling beliefs and pure empathetic feelings of solidarity that are essential for realising the goal of animal liberation. Remember the war; loose lips sink ships, walls have ears and I´ll keep mum! These activists hit their targets, and they hit their targets hard and often. They gained press coverage, and they engaged with that press coverage on their own terms. They provided a reasoned and rational explanation for their actions, in which their so-called “crimes” against property were contrasted against such an endless catalogue of human-on-animal violence. They used it to get across their message, not appeal for whatever support that floats by with the clouds or build relationships with politicos that would have lead them down the garden path. They were unapologetic and spoke from the heart. And they gained support.

When they first started to get persecuted by the law and imprisoned for defending the voiceless they understood it for the victory it was. Sure, they were imprisoned and there would be smug grins from petty men in grubby suits, but the movement blossomed. They inspired people to take action. They inspired the press to discuss the long ignored issue of institutionalised and systematic murderous scientific curiosity. And they made animal rights and animal liberation a serious, political and social issue once and for good. There will be no going back. It was not the philosophers in the university, or the social media influences with their theories and commentaries. It was the people in the streets, in the fields, getting ridden down by horses and bashed over the head by bumpkin scum, getting pushed around by odious police officers at the docks as babies were being freighted off to their continental death, getting strip searched and spat on in police stations up and down the country, and it was the anonymous, often talked about but rarely seen, moving around and hitting those people where it really fucking hurt. Animal liberationists could no longer be dismissed as hippie cranks or sentimental old women, middle-class liberals, weak, soft or overly sentimental. They were out there in the streets, they were getting arrested and imprisoned and they were disrupting the public consciousness and the official narratives on human-animal societal relationships. They were placing the importance of animal liberation among the most important life decisions a human can make. They were making trouble like all those glorious troubles makers who made history in making the world a better, kinder, more empathetic and intuitive world. They were serious, sincere, credible political activists for a righteous cause – and they became this because of the actions and experiences they were prepared to go through.

As I said it is so inspiring to see the development of this new campaign, and what an incredible thing to see a group of mostly women, presumably from different communities across the country, act so obstinately dignified in the face of scumbag-moron-cops. But be sure for sure, as I write, the state and industry, with a big shit-fingered poke from the police are calculating long winded and carefully planned strategies to eradicate your campaign, not to mention the side attractions of bad press publicity, scandal and gossip which can´t help but draw the attention away from your goal and gain the commentors and rubber-neckers who suck the life out of action like a leach sucks blood from the body. But remember this, you have rightness and justice on your side. Your fight is just, you are in the right and as long as you remember that, then you can withstand anything and you can achieve anything. The grass roots animal rights movement has the power to finish this disgusting business. In fact, it is the only force that can do it.

15 AUGUST 2021



11th August, Bavaria Germany

received anonymously:



Six rat traps in front of a supermarket stolen and disposed.
The thin fixing wires were cut with a side cutter, the poison was removed and the traps were put in the recycling garbage.
You take the habitat from rats an other animals by building new houses on the last green areas of the city. And then you also set traps and poison them. They die a cruel, painful, and slow death from internal bleeding.

I will come back!

This action is dedicated to six wonderful rat ladies who unfortunately left far too early.



Sechs Rattenfallen vor einem Supermarktgebäude entwendet und entsorgt.
Die dünnen Befestigungsdrähte wurden mit einem Seitenschneider durchtrennt, das Gift entfernt und die Fallen im Recyclingmüll entsorgt.

Nachdem ihr Ratten und anderen Tieren auf den letzten Grünflächen der Stadt durch neue Gebäude den Lebensraum genommen habt, stellt ihr auch noch Fallen auf und vergiftet sie. Sie sterben einen grausamen, schmerzvollen und langsamen Tod durch innere Blutungen.

Ich komme wieder!

Diese Aktion ist sechs wundervollen Rattendamen gewidmet, die leider viel zu früh gegangen sind.