18th January, Thrapston UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“Whilst a demo was being held on Tuesday 18th January at Impex Services International Ltd in Thrapston some activists were tipped off by angry locals as to where company director Russell Phillip Morgan lived and decided to pay him a visit.

Thanks to the £80k Porsche he drives with personalised number plate R55 RPM his large house was easy to find behind electric security gates on Toll Bar Road. Despite pressing the buzzer it appeared Russell felt a little shy so activists jumped the gate and walked up to his front door to tell him his vile business transporting animals to their deaths is not welcome in Thrapston and never will be.

Once at the door neither Russell nor wife Amy would answer but instead tried to hide inside, activists held up signs and set off smoke grenades and made sure they both felt some intimidation for what they put animals through every single day in order for them to live their privileged lifestyle.

If you’re reading this Russel, we will not stop until Impex closes down for good, the high life is over, it’s time to close down your disgusting business once for all. “

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  1. Excellent day. Fully supported by local residents who hate him. In fact it was them who were extremely vocal as to where he lives, drinks etc. I believe there was even a local stand off in the pub when he went in for his evening pint.

    1. Nice to know he his not the most popular guy in the village , and a big thank you to all those who show there dislike to him he deserves all he gets .

  2. Yes I do not know how you sleep at night, these poor puppies being tortured for the sake of human experiments
    Shame shame shame on you

  3. Great stuff good work by the activists..hope the scumbag and his family lose everything how can anyone do this to defenceless trusting animals is beyond me i will never ever understand it..hope this vile human being is feeling scared like poor babies feel

  4. Blood money, Shame on you , do you have pets if so take a good look at them and see if you have any guilt for taking part in sending these poor animals who have no choice to Suffer Pain , Torture while you sit pretty in your big house and drive your posh car. It’s Animal Abuse they are no different to any other animal that is under animal Abuse laws.

  5. Thank you activists for finding where this asshole lives I’ve put a nice message on his companies LinkedIn profile

  6. Thank you activists for finding where this asshole lives I’ve put a nice message on his companies LinkedIn profile about what he does transport to labs obviously got a thick skin asshole

  7. What a vile pair. Russell and Amy you are utter scumbags! Living the highlife whilst you taking innocent babies to their deaths. Times up guys.

  8. Neighbours want him gone! One has a Beagle they were horrified, seems this gruesome twosome also own a dog, how deplorable…pet one…kill thousands! Get gone scumbags spend your vile blood money on estate agents fees and plastic surgery hiding your identities!

  9. Disgusting individual that is part of a chain of other murderers , need to break the chain and stop this now , if just one of these links would step back they would gain so much respect and save all those little babies
    I don’t how such scum sleep at night

  10. people are protesting this month on the Village Green, opposite 2 Toll Bar Road, protest commences Sunday 18th December, 10:30 am onwards. Will be a big turn out.
    We have protested previously and receive a lot of support from the villagers who inform us of all kinds of further shocking things notorious Phil Morgan is said to be guilty of!

  11. Great news about the demo, at Russell and Amy Morgans house. This Sunday 18th December. Vile pair of lowlife scum.

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