A Swedish comrade contacted us to inform us of a court decision to fine them with 10600 SEK (885 GBP, 1171 USD, 1034 EUR) that they must pay before the 5th of January.

They were sentenced to two different crimes. They accepted the charge of vandalism at a mink farm, where whilst at a demonstration they painted the perimeter walls with “murderer” and splattered paint around. They were also accused of the liberation of a rabbit in a rabbit meat farm where ALF stickers and spray painting was also found. They maintained their innocence concerning the rabbit liberation, but the judge decided they were responsible for both of the actions.

They have also received a non-custodial, suspended sentence.

The comrade is not someone who can afford this fine. Whilst talking to them yesterday, they said that they were looking at taking a fast loan to pay for it and this is not something that we as a community should ever allow. We are all one, and we all will fight back against the injustice of the so-called justice system.

We know that 10000 SEK is a lot of money, and we know that not one single person can donate the whole amount, but we have a month to fundraise and we have no doubt that in between everybody that follows Unoffensive we can raise enough funds to help cover that fine and avoid a comrade fighting in the frontline to have to get into sticky situations taking loans with a horrible capitalist business that without a doubt will charge them a huge interest for it.

So please, if you have anything to spare, send a few coins. If you don’t, please reach out to everybody you know. Tag folks under our social media posts, ask them to help, interact, comment and send love to the comrade. We will constantly update the money raised and will ensure to let everybody know as soon as we hit the target of 850 GBP.

You can send a coin, or two, or a hundred over PayPal: unoffensive_animal(at)tutanota.com

We also have bitcoin and monero wallets, that can be found over on our website.

Simply write a little note on the donation saying “solidarity with our Swedish comrade” and we will ensure all money is put aside and sent to the person as soon as possible.

Solidarity is our biggest weapon. Let’s win this battle. 



Welcome to The Frontline, a new series showcasing campaigns from around the world. As always, Unoffensive Animal encourages submissions. If you think a campaign should be featured, reach out! You’re welcome to make suggestions but you’re encouraged to draft stuff too, no one knows your campaign better than yourself! From animal liberation to eco struggle and social campaigns, everything is welcome! 

T&S Rabbits is a British company farming rabbits for their meat. Legally speaking as they are not breeding animals solely for fur and rabbit pelts are a byproduct of their murder, they get away with the fact that they are indeed a fur farm in a country where fur farming was outlawed twenty-one years ago. They are also known to use their rabbit farms as a loophole to build brick and mortar houses in unspoilt countryside. They justify building non-permanent buildings to house farm workers, then they turn those buildings into mansions once enough time has passed. Then they move the farm to a different location and sell the property for a huge profit whilst feeding the sprawling monster that devours unspoilt and wild areas.

We have heard of T&S before as multiple direct action reports have been sent to Unoffensive Animal, breaking the news of fur farming in the UK and showing the conditions inside the farm, but direct action is not the only opposition that T&S has to face.

Rabbit Farm Resistance UK is a campaign fighting every inch against T&S Rabbits. They organise protests in front of the farms and they very efficiently monitor all planning applications that the company puts forward, ensuring that every time they ask for a new dwelling or permission to build a slaughterhouse or even to set up a new farm, they can call to arms and vehemently oppose the application, counting with hundreds if not thousands of objections every time Mr Kerry applies for something new.

And they are winning. In the past year, they have managed to shut down multiple applications in different parts of England whilst putting pressure on other government bodies to stop the activities of the farms that are still active.

In September they organised a demonstration in front of one of the farms that developed into a farm invasion. The only worker and resident within the compound retreated into their home, giving access to the farm and allowing the activists to document the conditions inside the farm. Those photos and videos would then fuel an even stronger opposition to the company as they were horrific stills of the torturous life that rabbits must endure awaiting their slaughter.

At the end of that demonstration, two rabbits who needed immediate medical care were given a new life, and both of them are recovering from the abuse and learning to trust others again.

If you are interested in this campaign you should check their socials.

Their website is here: https://rabbitfarmresistance.noblogs.org

Their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StopGnosallsRabbitFarm

Their Instagram: www.instagram.com/stoprabbitfarms

And their Twitter: https://twitter.com/stoprabbitfarms

Seeing the impressive work that the campaigners are doing there is no doubt that T&S Rabbits will end. The only question is when, and what are you going to do to make it happen faster!

Photo: One of the rabbits living inside a T&S farm.