Last week a comrade was sentenced in Northern Ireland for the liberation of three chickens. The liberation took place in July at a broiler farm and it was live-streamed, showing the conditions of the farm and open rescuing three chickens in the process.

Tuesday was then arrested and charged with theft, burglary and criminal damage. The judge didn’t care that the door was open and that no criminal damage had been caused, and they didn’t give a fuck about intent. Tuesday explained she entered the farm wanting to document the meat industry but that she could not help herself to try and give a home to a few chickens after seeing how horrible it looked.

She was sentenced to four months in prison that was then exchanged for three years suspended sentence.

Tuesday has more court cases coming related to Meat the Victims that includes a charge of “moving a pig without the tag in its ear” after the animal had been surrendered by the farmer during a Meat the Victims action.

Whilst we are happy that Tuesday avoided prison, three years suspended sentence are an incredibly harsh punishment for the liberation of three hens, and luckily the court cases coming should not affect the sliding scale of legal punishment as she was charged before the July action.

Support all comrades facing the “justice” system.

An injury to one is an injury to all!


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