10th May, Derbyshire UK

Received anonymously via email:

“While humans have been on lockdown, fish have enjoyed a welcome reprieve from anglers dragging them out of the water, stabbing hooks into their mouths and ripping them out for “fun”.

Last night as Boris announced that we could sit outdoors again, we knew the sick, twisted fishing-folk will soon be out in their masses; torturing fish by the buckets full again, in the name of sport, disguised as a peaceful hobby.

So we took a trip to a Derbyshire reservoir, where your angling club is based. We decorated your clubhouse, to tell it like it is – getting your kicks from a bloodthirsty hobby, by mutilating someone is perverse. They feel pain while you feel joy – you sad sadistic fucks! Their bodies aren’t yours to stab and rip apart as you like. Hook your own fucking mouths!”

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