3rd February 2018.

Hambacher Forst Besetzung has issued a blog post calling to action in response to the highly repressive imprisonment of 9 people of the forest after the last barricade eviction.

Whether a lunch-demo in front of your neighbouring prison, direct action against the machine and RWE, pain and colour actions at RWE shops, peaceful blockades and vigils, climbing actions to exhaust the number of climbing cops in the country or a prisoner support and letter-writing evening there are actions to be taken by anyone according to their action level and legal situation.

The idea is simple, targetting around the world any RWE institution, but also saying no to the “justice” system and confronting tribunals, courts and prisons.

Show solidarity with your comrades around the world. Stand up against repression. Say no to this capitalist climate genocide. It is our time to fight back.

If you have ideas, want to share anything with the collective or want to report actions, use [email protected] as your contact.



28th January, London

A call to action to protest the Greyhound Board of Great Britain Awards was sent to us. Make sure to be there if you are close by! 

“This is the biggest event in the Greyhound Racing calendar.

Breeders, trainers, owners, bookies, in fact, all those who profit out of the misery inflicted on these gentle dogs will be there….. and so will we!

10,000 greyhounds are slung out of this industry every year: where do they all go? Some will end up running for their lives in China or Pakistan, some will be left in a shallow grave with a bolt to the head, some will find their forever home, but many, many greyhounds simply disappear.

Come and be a voice for those greyhounds that suffer and die, just for entertainment.”


This coming month is extremely busy for us at the collective, with multiple events (some occurring simultaneously) happening all over Europe! We will be at as many of these as we can, so say hello if you see us!!

Firstly there has been a call for action made by Hambacher Forst Besetzung for the 3rd of February in solidarity with the Hambi 9. In a recent attempt of eviction in the Hambacher forest 9 activists were arrested and remain in custody. Whatever city you’re in, engage in acts of solidarity! Whether in the form of vigils, demonstrations or the blockade of your local RWE power plants or offices, be creative. Shout fuck RWE from the top of your lungs and show a finger to the ‘justice’ system!

Follow the link below for more information.

You’ll also find some of us at Surge‘s London Fashion Week anti-fur demos. Get creative and make some banners, placards and posters! Bring your loudest whistles and megaphone and get ready to make some noise! The disturbing normalisation of fur on the high street is something that MUST be challenged. We must reach a state similar to that of the past were fur wearers were afraid to even step outside donning their grim outfits.

Find the event link below and let us know if you’re going! We will be able to bring down some of our merch with us so hit us up if you want anything!

During the fashion week demonstrations, some of us will also be in Sweden joining Hunt Saboteurs Sweden in challenging the Swedish championship of fox hunting. Details on this are currently brief, and we will post more information as we get it.

After this, we will be joining the Earth First! winter moot to give some interactive workshops as part of their skill sharing event. We seriously recommend coming to this; skill sharing events such are these are vital in meeting fellow activists, learning new tactics and getting your hands dirty!

We will also be out in the fields supporting our local hunt sabs group throughout the month, and carrying on with joining regular local food not bombs. If you want to be put in touch with any of your local groups, give us a shout! We can point you in the right direction and help you get going!

As always, we rely solely on donations to keep going and we would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey. Because of you, we are able to do this, and it means a lot to every one of us at the collective.

If you want to support our work on a monthly basis please check out our patron





20th January, 2018.

On January 20th, 2017, tens of thousands of protesters welcomed Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day with blockades, protests and militant actions. As a result, the state arrested 230 people and 200 of them were later charged with “property destruction”, “inciting a riot”, “conspiracy to riot” and “taking part in a riot”. This means that each one of these people is facing 61 years in prison.

A call to action has been announced for the 20th of January, 2018, to show solidarity with the defendants.

Banner drops, graffiti, anti-capitalist stalls, anti-fascist documentary screenings and militant actions are encouraged under the frame of “Call for worldwide solidarity with the J20 defendants”.

Show them love and solidarity and do your part. Show the estate wherever you are that repression against our comrades will only increase the chances of an uprising. Make the governments afraid again!