3rd February 2018.

Hambacher Forst Besetzung has issued a blog post calling to action in response to the highly repressive imprisonment of 9 people of the forest after the last barricade eviction.

Whether a lunch-demo in front of your neighbouring prison, direct action against the machine and RWE, pain and colour actions at RWE shops, peaceful blockades and vigils, climbing actions to exhaust the number of climbing cops in the country or a prisoner support and letter-writing evening there are actions to be taken by anyone according to their action level and legal situation.

The idea is simple, targetting around the world any RWE institution, but also saying no to the “justice” system and confronting tribunals, courts and prisons.

Show solidarity with your comrades around the world. Stand up against repression. Say no to this capitalist climate genocide. It is our time to fight back.

If you have ideas, want to share anything with the collective or want to report actions, use [email protected] as your contact.


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