Today we marched alongside thousands of other people in London to ask for animal liberation. We are exhausted and we will keep this sweet and short, but we wanted to say hello to all the new faces that might be peeking the page for the first time.

We raised a good amount of money that will help during the badger cull and to do some prisonsupport work and we had so many different letters written for prisoners. You folks are inspiring!

Surge did an incredible job at organising alongsideHeartCure and we couldn’t be more grateful to have had the chance to have a speech. Our spokesperson did amazing and we want to extend our gratitude to her.

To anyone that came and show solidarity and gave us love, thank you. You keep us going.

For total liberation, for diversity of tactics and for a change in the whole system.


P.S. We had a lot of people today asking how they can show us support. We have a Patreon account that means people are able to give us financial help each month. You can take a look and join at the link below:

We also have a PayPal for one off donations:

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