Yesterday a strong force of 2/3000 cops decided to raid the meadow. They use the excuse of a police officer having been hit by a projectile thrown with a slingshot and that they needed to find the “offensive weapon”.

They proceeded to arrest 20 people that were squatting the roofs and that would be released the same day. 

Whilst arrests were happening, a thorough search was undergo and they took all tools from the workspace, broke the clay oven with batons, tear down roofs of buildings and took away both 1000l canisters that are used to store all drinking water for the occupation. All this, within legal camp grounds and without permission of a judge.

This is a show of the tactics they are trying to implement, weakening the occupation with huge numbers and small actions before the actual eviction starts.

The meadow is now asking for tools and water so anyone able to help, please do so.

For anyone reading this, today the police is not blocking the entrances and there is no ID controls, so it is an ideal time to get in and help inside the forest.

We will keep you updated as more news come in.


Photo: Destruction of the tool shed and workspace. Apparently screwdrivers are a potential offensive weapon.

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