We requested and received an account of the happenings during the last 269 Libération Animale blockade in France. Read the words because they transmit not only how violent the cops can be but also how the estate repression keeps creeping up and the urgency of more activists joining to make a change.

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“The action lasted 14 hours, the slaughterhouse is the 5th biggest in France, hundreds of cows are killed there daily. The slaughterhouse was already targeted by the association in the past, 9 activists chained themselves to the gate and blocked the trucks for 4 hours. 2 Nuits Debout were organized as well and we returned there because it belongs to an important carnist lobby ”Sicarev”.

We occupied the rooftop of another of their slaughterhouses 29-30/10 for 26 Hours. The president of Sicarev came on Monday and tried to convince the police to be harsh with us and said we should all get a prison sentence, as if he substituted himself to a judge. The police tried to steal the phone filming the evacuation and an activist was able to hide it in its pocket to film. They were really violent.

After the evacuation of the activists chained inside the death row, they evacuated us on the rooftop. Some of us (15 approximately) were put in jail for a couple of hours.

Tiphaine and Ceylan, the founders of the association, who were just supporting the action on the streets, and who were not participating, were chased by police officers and locked up for more than 24 hours!

This is just another sign they are trying to put huge psychological pressure on the whole disobedience movement.

This is the first time in France that a slaughterhouse is completely unable to kill for a whole day and it shows how effective we could be if we grew our numbers.

People should stop saying they defend animals and put themselves as heroes, we are just here to be allies and now our resistance against speciesist industries must go into slaughterhouses. We must resist with them, not just for them. This is why we put ourselves between the knives and the victims.”

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