4th July, Atlanta USA.

via: Scenes From the Atlanta Forest

[photo: brent scarborough promoting ‘maintainer’]

“Dear Brent Scarbrough,

Happy Fourth of July! Today we decided to celebrate our independence from your destruction of the land for Cop City by torching two of your machines, a steam roller and a front end loader, in broad daylight across from the federal prison in Atlanta (the same site that was hit three months ago). We noticed that you only have overnight security there, and we just wanted to let you know that you and your machines will never be safe, night or day. If you thought it was chill to clearcut 80+ acres, you were wrong and you will fucking pay. You may have thought you were done with us, but we will never be done with you.

For all the trees you’ve killed, for all the owls, snakes, frogs, squirrels, snails, slugs, birds, fish, deer, and coyote you’ve displaced, for all the unmarked graves you’ve disturbed, and for our fallen comrade who was murdered while you were contracted to clear-cut the forest, we will wage a campaign of violence and destruction on any and all contractors who participate in cutting down the forest or building Cop City.

We wonder how you and Tina sleep at night (at 182 Woods Rd, Brooks, GA 30205)?

We are vengeful wingnuts with nothing left to lose.

Fuck around and find out.”

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