1st July, Atlanta USA.

via: https://scenes.noblogs.org

“one week ago there were two coordinated attacks on atlanta police department infrastructure

-current apd training facility: 8 motorcycles destroyed
-apd cruisers on memorial drive: 3 cruisers smashed

both actions had equipment issues. check your materials.

we took action because the police see everyone associated with the movement to defend the atlanta forest as an enemy combatant whether or not they participate in brave decisive actions like that at the cop city site on march 5.

we took action after non combative demonstrations at cadence bank and home depot. the police attacked those demonstrations with no cause, as they do wherever or however the movement gathers. there can be no separation of time and space for tactics when the police have turned society into a warzone. despite this, we dispersed our activity as much as possible across their area of control.

to address the referendum. we encourage thsoe who are pursuing a strategy of referendum to continue supporting all methods to stop cop city. while signatures are collected, the forest is being destroyed, the police are still killing. we cannot wait. if the referendum fails, actions like ours, and bolder, will be the only means available.

to these ends, we announce the march 5 movement (m5m). we are inspired by the brave actions of forest defenders on march 5, and reflect on the shortcomings of the march 5 action. we see that mass daylight actions are not possible for now, but the struggle must advance and escalate.

we encourage anyone who agrees to pick up these methods and claim actions in the name of m5m if they seek to disrupt the logistics of those who destroy the earth and dignified life on it.

we have shed enough tears and acted soley in revenge for too long. we encourage a revolutionary guerilla movement as a path forward.

save weelaunee
save the world

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