In March 2021 in Bristol, UK, the rage against the abuse and oppression by the police boiled up during a demonstration against a new policing bill introduced by parliament. When police attacked protesters fought back defending themselves against pepper spray, batons, shields and charges on horseback. By the end of the evening, several police vehicles had been set alight.

The ‘outrageous’ action of defending themselves caused the police to seek revenge, and they have been targeting the community ever since. Over 78 people have been arrested and 50 or more have been charged. At least 29 people have been sentenced to time in prison, with sentences ranging from just a few months to up to 14 years.

Bristol ABC has been handling the support work for all prisoners from the Kill The Bill protests. Since the beginning of their fundraiser they have managed to gather over 50k GBP, but last month they published an urgent call for support as their money reserves were dropping rapidly.

They send £50 per month to each individual prisoner currently serving time, which is used for topping up phone credits and other essential items in prison. There are twenty current prisoners, which means they use £1000 a month. They only have £2000 left in their accounts, so they are in a really dire situation.

As well as the £50 allowance, they also support released prisoners, families of prisoners and folks doing prison visits.

Please, consider sending just a few coins to Bristol ABC. We have a combined 20k people reach. If all of you send 1 coin, they would reach the 70k GBP they want to raise.

You can read more about the fundraiser, see how money is being used and donate here: 


You can read about the work Bristol ABC is doing here: 


And you can find KTB prisoner addresses here: 



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