July, Northamptonshire UK

Received anonymously via email:

“On a leisure walk around the Northamptonshire countryside we discovered a little cabin next to a pheasant pen. The gamekeeper had secured it properly, with a hefty padlock keeping it shut. Luckily, they had also left a sledgehammer propped against the wall, so knowing we would be finding trinkets we popped the padlock open with a single blow.

Inside, all kinds of treasure was found. From bags of rat poison to fen traps, ten snares, mole traps and small mammal traps, there was a lot to play with! The sledgehammer came in handy to bash every trap possible, and whilst at it we ensured all pheasant drinkers and feeders that were not in use would not be used again either. We cut the bags of grain and smashed the metal containers that kept the rats away from their dinner and threw a few blows to the walls of the cabin, just to make sure the gamekeeper starts the remodelling as soon as possible.

After having destroyed a whole arsenal of murder machines, we walked out, opened the pheasant pen, cut the electricity line and stole both the leisure battery and the electric fence machine. They’ll come in handy for sure!

We hope the gamekeeper had a really bad afternoon when they found the effects of a whirlwind of anger and destruction.

Fuck traps and fuck cops at pride.

Gays Against Traps.”

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