It has been another busy month for the CAFT campaign to get the LVMH luxury goods conglomerate to drop fur. 

The big change has been the addition of Marc Jacobs (an LVMH-owned fashion organization) to their list of top targets. On the 11th of May, Marc Jacobs ran a hat made of real fox fur on a fashion show. This was despite claiming only a year ago to not use fur in their designs. 

In response, NYC Animal Defense League ran actions against Marc Jacobs on the 31st of June, targeting a fashion event being run at NYC Public Library. This event included a confrontation with Marc Jacobs’ husband (a video of this is available on CAFT’s YouTube channel). Disruptive protests in Marc Jacobs stores were also held, with some activists suggesting that they’d been locked into the store. 

The broader CAFT campaign against LVMH has been continuing. The two immediate targets are now Max Mara and Marc Jacobs, with the long-term target remaining LVMH. On the 21st to the 23rd of July, CAFT ran a ‘Summer Beatdown Against Fur’. The results of this weekend of action are still unfolding. 

To get involved in the campaign, CAFT recommends six types of action: demonstrations, leafleting, propagandizing (e.g. wheat-pasting posters), video-based activism, canvassing, and other creative actions you can think of. More information regarding these suggestions are found on their website. 

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