We got the chance to speak to Sindre, a Swedish animal liberation activist, locked up in prison indefinitely. (Check out our website for more information, about Sindres case, and how to write to him)

  • Sindre, could you to tell us something about yourself, a brief background?
    I am 22 years old and come from a small Swedish town. Thanks to my parents being lacto ovo vegetarians, I was born into vegetarianism, with a passion for animal rights and when I got older veganism and the fight for animal liberation came naturally. I have now been vegan for about six years. In several ways I have been active for the animals through both direct actions, as well as above ground activism and demonstrations within the organisation Djurfront. I love animals, books, black metal and video games.
  • Anything you want to tell us about your trial? Why you are in prison, and how long you been there, will be there?
    After threatening a mink farmer, I was charged with unlawful threats and attempted assault and summoned to a trial as well as talks with the correctional service to make an evaluation regarding the appropriate punishment. They considered that I needed to perform a psychiatric examination, which indicated a serious mental disorder. An opinion I do not share.
    Then I was sentenced to forensic psychiatric care by the court, which denied my lawyer’s request for a new examination, and I was unexpectedly detained in the middle of the work week, which complicated everything enormously. No reason for the detention other than that there was a risk of new crimes was given. I was detained for three months before I ended up in the psychiatric hospital, in total I have been detained for about nine months now. It is an indefinite period, so unfortunately I have no idea how long I will have to be locked up.
  • How are you doing at the moment?
    I’m fine under the circumstances, but it’s terrible to live trapped with people you don’t know, with staff and rules, to lack self-determination over your everyday life.
  • Anything you want to tell us about the conditions in prison? What does a day look like for you?
    A day usually looks like this. I wake up at 8:00 for breakfast which lasts until 08:30, and after that no food is served, so it’s important that I wake up. Then I take care of my hygiene, shower and brush my teeth. After that, it is usually time to go to the activity center where various activities such as sports, crafts and the like are offered. After that, I usually take a walk on the walking area, which is a footpath outside the rest yards where you can have the privilege of walking without staff during certain times. After that, it’s usually bedtime around 9:00 PM after supper at 5:30 PM. I also read a lot of books during the days when I’m not walking or at the activity center. This is what a day looks like.
  • We heard that you have been permitted to leave the prison, sleep at home sometimes. How does it feel?
    It feels wonderful to come home and see my family and the animal family members who live with us. A moment of freedom.
  • Have you received any support from outside the prison, and what does that mean for you?
    I have received support from my wonderful family and from my wonderful comrades who sent letters already in custody and showed that I was not alone. Since then, my family has visited me regularly and brought things that I need. My comrades have organized so that I received support via letters from all over Europe. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the support.
  • Is there something you need that comrades can help you with?
    Since my finances are arranged through savings and sickness benefit it is probably only mail which would be nice if it continued to come as I feel much less alone in the fight for the liberation of animals.
  • What do you want to do when you are released?
    When I get released, I want to spend as much time as possible with my family and my best friend, a pit bull mix guy named Kenzo. And continue to fight for the animals in every way I can.
  • Are there anything you want to bring up that we forgot to ask?
    No, it’s fine. (I hope my answers were not too long)
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