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Despite it still being early in the Mink and Otter hunting season, the notoriously sneaky and secretive form of wildlife abuse continues to have problems. Last month saw multiple unsuccessful attempts to hunt by different packs and this month is no different. This included the Northern Counties Mink Hounds who were foiled by a large presence of saboteurs from groups from across the Midlands and the North of England. Making sure they didn’t escape and attempt to hunt elsewhere, saboteurs blocked vehicles from leaving making the hunt and limited supporters present all equally grumpy. The following day, North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs intercepted the Courtenay Tracy Mink Hounds who were hunting where Otters had recently been spotted by members of the public. Multiple sabotage groups also stopped the Dove Valley Mink hounds, who met Sunrise Poultry Hoton Farm; who were previously exposed by Animal Justice Project for stamping on and kicking chickens.  

A new sabotage group has formed in the area of Somerset and Dorset under the name Two Counties Hunt Saboteurs. Throughout the month they have been busy building their infrastructure as a group by building their online presence, fundraising, recruiting and getting kit together. We would encourage our followers to show them support in whichever way you can; join them, like and share their social media posts, donate to them and send them tip-offs.  

Northants Hunt Saboteurs have been keeping the pressure on the Cottesmore Hunt during their ‘fun rides’. These events act as recruiting drives for new members and to raise money for the hunt. Some in the rural community are unaware of the farse of trail hunting and may join for the social element, especially those within the horse-riding community. Protesting these events and highlighting the true intentions of the hunt can, and does, make a dent in the hunts efforts to retain support. Even if potential supporters aren’t sympathetic to wildlife, they may not join a hunt if they don’t want to be doxed as a supporter of the murder of animals. It also upsets the hunt, which is a plus. This pressure is one tactic applied as part of a pressure campaign. Multiple approaches, especially simultaneously, is a proven method to shutting down a hunt for good.  

Traps and other mechanisms of wildlife destruction have continued to be dealt with throughout the month. Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs published a video of multiple mole-traps being flattened by a sledge hammer, prompting Underground Badger Syndicate to publish their own sledge hammer skills with a backdrop of flares and included a prompt of making smashing videos a trend. Seemingly, they also like using chainsaws. Not only does ‘direct action save lives’, as quoted by Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs who have been busy with snares and fenn traps, it can also be a lot of fun. You might even come across an exotic garden, like The Great Unwashed.

Any information about wildlife killing fundraisers, Mink/Otter hunts, the location of traps, tools and infrastructure used to kill and anything dodgy or suspicious relating to the interference or ill-treatment of wildlife should be reported to your local hunt sabotage group. Unsure of your local group? Contact the Hunt Saboteurs Association’s tip-off line at 07443148426 or via social media. The smallest bit of information could make the biggest different to an innocent life.


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