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For the majority of Fox and Hare hunting packs across the UK & Ireland, March is when the season comes to an end. Usually at this time of year, their attempts to kill wildlife become desperate. Hunt saboteurs however, despite physical and mental exhaustion, have continued to stop this from happening right until the end. Individual hunts finish the season on different dates, so when one hunt packs up early in the month, the local sabotage groups will join others to target another hunt elsewhere, adding more pressure those final hunt meets. One specific end of season meet to note was of the Cottesmore Hunt who were sabotaged by 5x sizeable groups in solidarity to locals who have had consistent problems with aggressive hunt ‘security’ in recent months. A kill-free day was reported, as well as the arrest of the hunts hired bullies.  

Channel 4 News (UK) gave more negative coverage of hunting this month after they, along with West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, exposed police corruption following a ‘secret deal’ between Warwickshire Police and the Warwickshire Hunt. Even the National Police Chief’s ‘lead on hunting crime’ officer admitted this is likely due to the hunt being “well connected”. It is important to recognise that this coverage, however, still gave somewhat of a ‘not all cops are bad’ impression and we urge viewers to recognise and consider the problems and limitations of seeing state enforcement (in this case, the hunting act) as a means to wildlife liberation. Not long after it was aired, police had shown their true colours by harassing Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs and displayed their ignorance to hunting legislation and didn’t care about activity of the Grove and Rufford Hunt. In reality, the state views hunt sabotage as a gateway to becoming an ‘animal rights extremist’ and will happily repress anyone who they deem to be. With that being said, this coverage has undoubtably made many in the hunting community nervous and should be welcomed. And rightly so, it won’t be easy to shake off the exposed reality of the relationship between hunting and policing in the UK.

Protests against the hunt were also had, as seen by Suffolk Action for Wildlife. This is not only good for the morale of those who care about wildlife, but can hurt the hunts feelings. If these protests, or fear of protests and negative PR, lead to hunt socials and fundraisers being cancelled by venues then it’ll also hurt their pocket and make them feel unsupported.

Though the Fox and Hare hunting season has finished, other forms of hunting continue. The stag hunting season is set to continue until the end of April, but with other packs of hounds finished for the season, groups in the West and South West of England are doing what they can, as seen unsuccessful days had by the Devon & Somerset Staghounds.

Saboteurs will now also be getting prepared for Mink and Otter hunts, who operate during the spring and summer months.  Any tip-off’s relating to these activities can result in wildlife being saved from being killed, and are welcomed by your local sabotage group who will maintain anonymity. Kind messages and donations are also well appreciated!

Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs have been busy with a ‘countryside clean up’, by removing snares and traps. Spring is a busy time for shooting estates and others who want to kill wildlife so it is important to see what can be found locally. The warmer weather makes such an activity a lot more enjoyable and gives people an opportunity to not only appreciate the beauty of this time of year, but also to make a difference in sustaining it.


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  1. Brilliant the Cottesmore Hunt needs shutting down asap.Bee Bell the Master hired the hunt thugs who were high on drugs,driving the hunt pickup,should be prosecuted.Well done to everyone concerned thank-you also a big thank-you to the Leicestershire Police for arresting the hired thugs.

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