19th June, South East UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“The turkeys that will be murdered for Christmas dinners were born about three weeks ago. Taking advantage of the obvious size difference, we decided to pay a visit to a “free range” farm and take fifty of them with us.

We walked by sheds full of pigs, ducks and broilers until we saw a shed labeled “Turkey chicks”. Job done. As the shed was locked, we used the bolt cutters to cut the padlock and open the shed. We made sure not to leave the padlock behind, so to avoid leaving any tool marks in the farm. A quick check to ensure the door is not alarmed and we are in, and whilst someone keeps guard outside, the rest load fifty turkey chicks in bags. 

With a single heat lamp in the whole shed, they are all crammed in the same spot. They have been debeaked. There is still blood on the face of many of them. How fucking unnecessary and cruel can they be? To literally cut their beaks off you have to be some seriously evil scumbag. Sadly the tool cannot be found. It would’ve been nice to break it.

Once they are all loaded in the bags, we head outside and walk away into the night, with another fifty comrades that will have a chance in life.

We want to dedicate this action to Regan Russell, murdered under the truck wheels in front of a Toronto slaughterhouse, and we are hoping from our comrades worldwide to wake up to the reality that animal liberation is a war. Regan, like Jill or Mike, fell martyr in the fight for animal liberation. Don’t let their names be forgotten and fight back the oppressor until we win.

May the sad and frustration turn into flames for liberation.

Animal Liberation Front.”

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