March, East Midlands

received anonymously via email:

“Whilst out one night investigating, we crept into a major UK family egg farm. The doors were all helpfully left open and unlocked, so the access was easy. We walked into a massive multi-story caged barn, but there were no hens in sight. Ghostly empty rows and rows of empty cages with only traces of feathers and dirt left behind. We walked down the seemingly endless corridors, and at the very end of the barn we found 15 hens locked inside some cages. We wondered why they were left behind… Had they escaped during the farmers attempt to murder the tens of thousands of hens? Then underneath the cages a little head appeared, they had broken free. We knew in that instance that we had to aid her. Having got this far by herself she had to survive after everything she had gone through. She must have been starving because she had no access to food or water. Inside one of our jumpers she went and we ran away, passed the scums house, under the cover of night.”