Welcome to Flammable, a (hopefully) weekly series where we bring you news from other struggles than the animal liberation fight for you to expand, learn and radicalise. Snippets of different stories will be shared, with further reading attached to them via links. When reading this stories, remember that Unoffensive Animal has always been and will always be an insurrectionary anarchist collective that includes anti-speciesism within the political goals. “Keep it about the animals” ain’t gonna cut it with us.


The tragic murder of George Floyd has obviously arisen anger towards the state and its armed puppets across the globe. As well as inspiring tens of thousands of people onto the streets to protest, it has also pushed for autonomous groups to take action by themselves. Two (of the many) actions we would like to mention is the Cop Shop set on fire in Greece by the George Floyd Revenge Unit and the cop cars set alight in Vienna. You can read the reports in the links below:






Many folks have been arrested at the BLM demos. The charges will range massively, but there is one case we believe folks can help immediately with. Sam was nicked in Brooklyn accused of throwing a Molotov to a cop car that apparently was full of cops. They are facing life in prison and charged with attempted murder. They have a gofundme Link to supp[ort their defence. Please if you have ONE DOLLAR to spares send it. Send whatever you’re able to send.



Special cops in Italy threw a massive raid to arrest seven anarchists accused of a range of actions, from use of explosives to spray painting. This is yet another sho by the Italian state of their willingness to eradicate anarchism by throwing charges at folks simply for their political views. Regardless, as it is mentioned in the statement linked below, we should never fall for the “guilt or innocence” that the state tries to play when in reality we all are enemies of the state. Read up the statement about the arrests and please send some letters of support to the folks who already have an address.



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24th May, Polegate, South East UK. 

Received anonymously over email:

“The modern- style windows of this mcdonalds popped through nice and easy and silently using this little safety hammer (like the kind by emergency exits for smashing safety glass) – highly recommended for this type of window. You can pick them up for less than a fiver at halfords or a similar place.  

McDonald’s, this is just the start –  this is a call to everyone to shut down every place that abuses animals or profits from animals. 

Happy smashing and whatever else you see fit for total liberation now.”


May 2020, Midlands UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“We entered the facility. Tens of thousands of hens inside a single shed. They were covered in mites and there were dying individuals on the floor. Who do we choose? We must leave thousands behind. We rounded up 121 individuals into crates and made our way to their new freedom. All we could do was apologise to the hens we had to leave behind. We saved so many, but had to leave so many more behind. 

As supply chains are down during the lockdown period, many eggs farmers are sending their hens to their deaths at an even earlier age. Well FUCK YOU! Lives cannot be disposed of like this. We will not sit by as you murder more innocent beings. We will not sit by as you profit from their bodies and lives.



May, UK

Via: Stop The Cull

“Anonymous communique recieved:

In late May, we visited a factory farm for pheasants. Due to the nature of the site, a large liberation was out of the question so we opted to take four individuals out of this brutal reality.

After taking them from the wire cages, we cut off their plastic beak coverings. All of them had raw patches of skin where their back feathers had been ripped out so we checked for any septic wounds. We then released them into a woodland far from the rows upon rows of cages at the farm.

Although the overall impact will be minimal to the farmer, this action was life changing to those birds we took out who are now living free in the wild. Behind the vast numbers of gamebirds abused in this huge industry is each innocent victim, stuck in a metal cage just to have their offspring taken from them and shot out of the sky.

Until every bird flies free,

Animal Liberation Front”


17th May, France.

Received anonymously via email: 


On the night of the 17th of may, in France, 6 hens were helped on their way out of the farm they were held prisoners in.

Before going to pick up these people I was afraid, very afraid, stomach ache, lots of movies in my head and in each one everything ended badly for me. But what can we learn from this? Our fear is paralyzing, our fear, if it governs us, is stronger than repression to prevent us from taking action.

I felt ashamed to be afraid because I kept asking myself : “what am I risking?”. And I knew the answer very well : “not much”. Women and men have always fought to have their rights recognized by risking death. But we are not risking death, we are risking deprivation of liberty at worst, and it is a risk we have a duty to take. Because THEIR lives are only deprivations of freedom, lives of shackles, of perpetual suffering that it is impossible for us to conceive.

These people have more bravery than any of us human allies will ever have, they resisted, survived Hell. And I have rarely felt as much admiration as I do for them, in front of their bodies broken by this system which were learning to move again, their almost featherless wings trying to beat, their legs scratching the ground for the first time. We must be their accomplices. These six hens will now live in peace in a place that will welcome them, but we must not wait until room in safe places become available to act. When there is the possibility : let’s go. But the rescues can only concern a tiny part of the oppressed and leave all the others behind.

We have to act differently, we have to learn from liberations without placements, in the wild, because this world should belong to them just as much as to us, because it already gives them back their freedom of movement. We must try to help them by every means that we have not yet exploited, and always stay by their side, learn from them because they are the most courageous people we will meet. Immerse ourselves in their realities, in the foul smells, the rows of cages, the industrialization of death, the places of death where too few humans go.

If you don’t overcome your fear, who will? If not now, when ?

In memory of our dead and for the future of the living.


Dans la nuit du 17 mai, en France, 6 poules ont reçu de l’aide pour s’échapper de l’élevage dans lequel elles étaient retenues prisonnières.

Avant d’aller chercher ces personnes j’avais peur, très peur, mal au ventre, plein de films dans la tête et dans chacun tout finissait mal pour moi. Mais qu’apprendre de cela ? Notre peur est paralysante, notre peur, si elle nous gouverne, est plus forte que la répression pour nous empêcher d’agir.

Je me sentais honteuse d’avoir peur car une question me taraudait : “qu’est-ce que je risque ?”. Et je savais très bien que la réponse était “pas grand chose”. De tout temps des femmes et des hommes se sont battu.e.s pour faire reconnaître leurs droits en risquant la mort. Nous ne risquons pas la mort, nous risquons au pire la privation de liberté, et c’est un risque que nous avons le devoir de prendre. Parce que leurs vies à elleux ne sont que privations de liberté, des vies d’entraves, de perpétuelle souffrance qu’il nous est impossible de concevoir.

Ces personnes ont plus de courage qu’aucun.e d’entre nous allié.e.s humain.e.s n’aura jamais, elles ont résisté, ont survécu à l’Enfer. Et j’ai rarement ressenti autant d’admiration que pour elles, devant leurs corps brisés par ce système qui réapprenaient à se mouvoir, leurs ailes presque sans plumes cherchant à battre, leurs pattes grattant le sol pour la première fois. Nous nous devons d’être leurs complices de luttes. Ces six poules vont maintenant vivre en paix dans un endroit qui va les accueillir, mais nous ne devons pas attendre que des places dans des lieux sûrs se libèrent pour agir. Quand il y en a la possibilité allons-y, mais les sauvetages ne peuvent concerner qu’une infime partie des opprimé.e.s et laissent toustes les autres derrière.

Nous devons agir autrement, nous devons apprendre des libérations sans placements, à l’extérieur, car ce monde devrait leur appartenir tout autant qu’à nous, car c’est déjà leur rendre leur liberté de mouvements. Nous devons tenter de les aider par chaque moyen que nous n’avons pas encore exploité, et toujours rester à leurs côtés, apprendre d’elleux car ce sont les personnes les plus courageuses que nous rencontrerons. Plonger dans leurs réalités, dans les odeurs nauséabondes, les rangées de cages, l’industrialisation de la mort, les mouroirs où trop peu d’humain.e.s se rendent.

Si tu ne dépasses pas ta peur, qui le fera ? Si ce n’est pas maintenant, quand ?

A la mémoire de nos mort.e.s et pour le futur des vivant.e.s.


29th May, Brighton.

Received anonymously via email: 

“On the 29th of May, we paid Canham & Sons butcher shop in Hove a 3am visit, covering every surface of the storefront with messages for them to see the next morning. The windows were plastered with “fuck speciesism” and “fund the next pandemic here”. Combined with ALF symbols we hope it sent a very clear message that their murder will not go unchallenged. 

We were inspired by the recent similar actions across Brighton which we hope to see continuing. Make butchers fucking afraid again. 

We were unable to take any photos and unfortunately the graffiti was gone by the time we were unable to pass by it next, but we hope getting if off cost them a pretty penny and keeps them up at night knowing we’ll be back. 


Photo: web image, unrelated to the action. 


18th May, North of England.

Received anonymously via email: 

“Last night four of us loaded up two cars with industry style chicken transportation crates so that we could maximise the number of precious little beasts that could be liberated from slavery. 

We arrived at a farm we knew all too well but upon opening the shed hatch we were greeted by barrenness so we loaded back up and got out of the area to reconvene and hatch a plan. 

A quick look at aerial view maps and another potential target only 15 minutes away was located.

Upon arrival it became apparent that this place was possibly actually an even easier a target than the original. While two entered the shed and carefully filled the crates the other two kept watch and transported them to the cars, once the last of the crates were full the catchers joined in transporting to the vehicles. 

With ninety birds in the crates and homes for a possible hundred, as the runners loaded the crates into the cars

the catchers returned to the shed with a cat carrier and a couple of bags to take to the magic ton mark.

This liberation was carried out in solidarity with not only our non human animal brothers and sisters but also our human comrades who have come under fire recently.”


4th June, Brighton UK.

Received anonymously via email: 

“Rog-Man Butchers repainted and fixed up their windows so were due another visit. Now they have more broken windows and more to repaint. We hear they are getting massive metal shutters. Perhaps they are scared? Perhaps they should be.

We need to realise that we can take down these places by doing, not watching. By tearing down, not asking. There is so much that needs dismantling and smashing, start with that place you always pass and wish something would happen to.

We’d also like to pass on how much we enjoyed seeing beautiful photos of the smashed and painted windows of speciesist businesses, we hope to see more. The colourful work of folks in Nottingham was especially impressive, can’t wait to see what you get up to next.

Lastly but most importantly, we would like to send out solidarity to the people across the planet who are rising up against systematic racism. Your rage and action is powerful, Black lives matter and murderers in blue are outnumbered. Together we are stronger than them. Rest in Power, George Floyd.

Love and Rage, ALF.”