May, UK

Via: Stop The Cull

“Anonymous communique recieved:

In late May, we visited a factory farm for pheasants. Due to the nature of the site, a large liberation was out of the question so we opted to take four individuals out of this brutal reality.

After taking them from the wire cages, we cut off their plastic beak coverings. All of them had raw patches of skin where their back feathers had been ripped out so we checked for any septic wounds. We then released them into a woodland far from the rows upon rows of cages at the farm.

Although the overall impact will be minimal to the farmer, this action was life changing to those birds we took out who are now living free in the wild. Behind the vast numbers of gamebirds abused in this huge industry is each innocent victim, stuck in a metal cage just to have their offspring taken from them and shot out of the sky.

Until every bird flies free,

Animal Liberation Front”

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