As many of you know, we’ve had to spend quite a bit of money on setting up a new website and web server to be able to carry on the work, as well as working on the internet security of the site. When we got back, some folks very kindly donated a bit of money, but it is the middle of the month and we are still short by 500 USD!

So hear us out. We got eight “From Dusk ’til Down” by Keith Mann, probably one of the most exhaustive books on the history of the Animal al liberation movement and direct action towards animal liberation. And we want to give them away FOR FREE.

The first six merch orders over 50 GBP will automatically get one of the books. The other two books will be gifted randomly to another two people, regardless of how much money they spent on the order. Every single order that you folks put through until Wednesday will also include the latest ALFsg Magazine and a bunch of Unoffensive stickers. Doesn’t sound bad does it?

Remember that we do this because we need to raise some funds to be able to finalise new and exciting ideas that we think will be fantastic for everybody.

So head to and grab yourself some merch, and some goodies and support the cause.

If you can’t afford it, or if you don’t need new clothing, sharing with your friends and followers is always incredibly appreciated and can make it or break it! 

If you want to support us in other ways, remember that we have a patreon:

And a PayPal to chuck some coins:

PS: Have you experienced any trouble with our merch in the past few weeks? Please drop us an email on unoffensiveshop (at) riseup (dot) net


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