21st June, Republic of Ireland.

received anonymously via email:

“At 2AM the team arrived at the facility to document the rights violations that are being inflicted upon these innocent and beautiful individuals. While scouting the perimeter they found wheelie bins stuffed with the deceased victims of this shit-hole.

When they entered one of the main buildings they were met with the stench of death and ammonia, so much so that their eyes were stinging and weeping,

At approximately 5am the team had completed what they needed to do and went outside to grab some fresh air and to consolidate all of their gear into one bag. A few moments later they entered the building again with empty bags and gently and respectfully helped a group who they had noticed to be a little bit of a duck gang into the bags.

They all left together as one gang, the driver was called and the Duck gang were delivered to their new place of safety a few days later.”

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