via: Scenes from the Atlanta Forest

Mid-March, Windsor USA.

“In mid-March, 2023, anarchist comrades attacked a local Consolidated Engineering Laboratories (CEL) office in Windsor, CA, an ATLAS subsidiary, to decry their affiliation with the creators of Cop City.

The action was carried out in solidarity with those who defend the Weelaunee Forest against destruction, despite facing domestic terrorism charges; who grieve the brutal murder of Manuel Tortuguita Teran; who stand against the widespread terror caused by carceral state; and who stand against the earth’s decimation.

CEL and ATLAS operate at the behest of profit, regardless of human and environmental cost. CEL boasts its involvement with a new Utah state prison (comprising over 200 acres and 25 + buildings). ATLAS is expanding the US Naval Nuclear Laboratory.

In response, a small but impassioned strike was made against the capital-carceral enterprise creating Cop City. Glass was etched and smashed; a ridiculous flag removed; an explanatory sign posted; and emphatic messages provided.

We stand with the forest defenders. Smash the state. Abolish the police. Defend the earth.”

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