We have updated our prisoner support list to include addresses for the Atlanta Forest Defenders currently in prison. A vast majority of them are locked up at a jail that only allows for USPS pre stamped postcards, which makes difficult ending letters from outside of the USA. We have uploaded a list with a separation between those prisoners who can receive plain paper letters and those who can only receive postcards, so please chose a couple of folks to write to and send them warmth and love.

Everybody on that list has charges under Domestic Terrorism, a clear tactic by the institutions to scare and quiet down the resistance against the complete destruction of the Atlanta Forest to build a mock city for cops to practice how to kill people on the streets. The level of corruption is tangible, with the judge’s partner being involved within the main funding body for the Atlanta Police Foundation. The defendants need as much love and support as you possibly can send them, so write to them, maybe tell them about a recent walk in the woods that you think they’d like to hear!

Please don’t discuss any topics related to their case, and don’t include anything that could seem illegal. Understand that all mail is monitored (even more when defendants are facing terrorism charges), and keep it light, writing about good news or experiences!

If you want to support them financially, Atlanta Solidarity Fund is managing cases, bail and legal support, you can donate here:


Find the addresses of the defendants on our website:


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