Where? Your local bins.

In a society of constant production and waste, one that pushes consumption, but always attached to a hefty price tag, dumpster diving can be a fun activity and a lifeline. Much like shoplifting but sometimes dirtier and often less risky, dumpster diving can let you access things otherwise out of reach behind a paywall.

So much food and materials are thrown away and with just a bit of bin diving you could be walking away with some sweet treasure and nifty supplies.

Become at one with the racoon’s.

First things first locate the bins. What do you need? Food? Furniture? Electronics? Go to where they sell these things and most likely that’ll be where they throw them away too. Have a walk about and see if you can locate the bins and asses how accessible they are. If the bins a close maybe take 5 mins to stop by everyday so you can see what get thrown out when. Remember that unless you’re rudely interrupted by angry staff then don’t leave the bins in more of a mess than you found them. Put what you don’t want back in the bin once you’re done.


Bags- for your wanted finds.

Bolt cutters- if the bin you want is a padlock away.

High vis jacket- if you want to look like you belong anywhere/everywhere.

Torch- pretty obvious.

Four way utility key- most commercial bins are easily unlocked using a four way utility key that you can order online for cheap or grab from your local hardware store.

The best way to get started is to just start looking for and in the bins near you but if you want some more tips and guidance YouTube is full of videos made by dumpster divers and crimethic have a write up about it in their book ‘recipes for disaster’ which is available for free in PDF.

Happy diving!

PS: You’ll often find a lot of rat traps around commercial bins, do what you will with that piece of info

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