Ladislav Kuc is a Slovakian animal liberation activist who has served a 12 year sentence after an explosive action in front of a McDonalds that resulted in no injuries or harm to anyone.

He was imprisoned on the 1st January 2012 and over the years his sentence was appealed over and over, at some point facing 25 years with the terrorism enhancements. He has served 12 years and is now out of prison.

His time in prison has been difficult and he has been denied basic medical care so he has spent the past few weeks sorting out doctors appointments.

On communications with him, he sounds incredibly grateful for all the support he has received, from donations to letters and has sent love to all who have reached out over the years.

Life back from prison is not easy transition. Lado has been in prison for over a decade, so a lot of things have changed, but also he still owes a big fine and money to his lawyer. We haven’t worked out how much is owed yet, so for now we are just re-sharing PhillyABC’s fundraiser for him, until we work out better options to get money to him and how much is actually needed.

Please join us in wishing Ladislav a huge welcome back to the outside and please, please donate a few coins to the fundraiser. He owes 1000s and needs all the support he can get. Even 5 USD is a massive help.

Donate here:


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