WHAT: Weekend of workshops, discussion and gathering
WHERE: Sumac Centre, Nottingham UK.
WHEN: 9th – 11th February.

The Earth First UK’s winter moot date and location has been anounced, it will be hosted in the Sumac Centre (Nottingham UK) 9th-11th February.

As always, you can expect a weekend of workshops and talks, probably a party on the Saturday night and the opportunity to meet new and old friends to plot, conspire and relax.

Sleeping will be in communal areas ot the Sumac Centre, essentially indoors camping (so do not bring a tent! 

Three meals a day provided, but bring your own snacks if you feel peckish! EF! Collective asks to leave a donation at the door to cover costs, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

There is level access to the Sumac Centre and a wheelchair accessible bathroom, but if you have any other accessibility needs you can reach out to the collective on earthfirstuk [at]

More info about the moot can be found on the EF! Website:

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