In the month of January, we’ve received 12 reports of direct action for animal liberation. Most of the actions were sabotages (either of animal abusing shops or of hunting infrastructure) but there were four liberation actions and an arsonn too. By country, this were the numbers of actions reported this month: 

Italy: 5
Denmark: 2
UK: 1
Chile: 1
Norway: 1
Belgium: 1

Lots of non animal related actions were reported online in memory of Tortuguita, who was murdered a year ago. You can read those reports on Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.

Multiple events were also shared, the UK EF! Wintermoot (9-11th February). A mass action camp organised by Reclaim the Power (8th-13th August, UK) and Take Concrete Action’s ‘Pulp Fiction’, a mass action against the logging industry (summer 2024, Sweden).

On the prisoner support corner, Ladislav Kuc is finally free (and needs economic support, please donate on the fundraiser), Marius Mason celebrated his 62 birthday, and three people are calling for court support during their sentencing on an animal lib related court case (2nd Feb, Reading UK).

Of course, you can read the complete articles and anonymous reports on our website if you want more info! 

If you appreciate the work that Unoffensive Animal does, we could do with support to pay for website hosting, serves and so on, as well as to support prisoners and exprisoners.

You can donate over on patreon www.patreon.com/animalliberation or over PayPal on [email protected]


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