WHAT: Mass protest camp for climate justice.
WHEN: 8th-13th August 2024.

Reclaim the Power has sent us a call to join their action camp in august this year fighting back against Drax, a company chopping woods and burning trees under the disguise of bio fuel who is also the single largest carbon emitter in the UK. Read their words below:

“Reclaim the Power Action Camp 8-13th August

Reclaim the Power is back this summer with a mass protest camp for climate justice. As a decade old direct action network we will welcome new faces and old to a mass action camp targeting Drax – the biggest emitter in the UK, the world’s biggest burner of trees and a key driver of environmental racism.

Join hundreds (hopefully thousands) of others from across the country and further afield for six days of workshops, communal living and action to fight the greenwashing eco-genocide of Drax. We will be camping from the 8-13th of August and attendance is entirely free, supported by donations.

Interested? Sign onto the mailing list here

Want to help organise with us? Come to the next gathering – a two day space to make decisions, get to know people and learn new skills. Gatherings are for everyone: new faces and those around since the Drax train hijack of 2008.

There will be a crash space, childcare, cheap and vegan food, and it will be wheelchair accessible.

Our next gathering will be on the 24th and 25th of February in York.

Sign up and find out more here:

We can’t wait to see you all!!”

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