via: Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.

August, Milwaukie USA.

[photo unrelated to the action]

“Last week, to commemorate the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners, under the cover of darkness a small incendiary device was placed on the wheel arc of a Vertiv truck located on the edge of a sleepy office park in Milwaukie OR. The delay was lit before we disappeared back into the forest

Vertiv Corporation develops critical support equipment and services for commercial IT systems—technology that is utilized by United States military in addition to state and federal law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and ICE. Vertiv is part of the broad corporate infrastructure of state repression that condemns us all to a world of mass surveillance, borders, and militarized police


This action was inspired in part by the continued militancy and creativity of the movement to stop the construction of Cop City in Atlanta GA. Cop City is a testing ground for other law enforcement agencies across the country to construct similar facilities—continuing a broader trend towards the militarization of policing and domestic counter-insurgency. For their part, Vertiv is a supplier to the Atlanta Police Department. Just in the year 2023 alone, the APD paid Vertiv $168,315 to utilize their technology.

Cop City is everywhere, so our resistance will be everywhere. March 5th was our call to war…

For Tort

For Rayshard Brooks

March 5th Movement (M5M)”

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