Back in 2016, at the Brenner Pass in Austria, a demonstration against the plans to build a wall at the border between Austria and Italy was met with police violence and repression, using tear gas and battons.

Whilst the racist and discriminatory border wall plans were ultimately scrapped, sixty people were hunted down for months and arrested as a result of that protest. They were charged with a mix of looting, devastation, aggravated resistance and damage charges.

Those sixty people were sentenced to a total of 166 years in prison in between all of them. Dalston Solidarity cafe’s comrade was sentenced to 10 of those years.

Back in February of this year, under appeal, the sentence was reduced to 129 years total, 4 years for the comrade.

Next month the legal team is launching the final appeal, hoping to reduce the imprisonment tariff. Dalston Solidarity Cafe is organising a fundraiser to help with the appeal costs and are hoping to raise £2500. They have already raised 500, and they have a fundraising gig on the 14th October (find more details on their socials) but if folks can donate to the online fundraiser that would be absolutely fantastic.

Please head to and drop some coins and maybe check out Dalston Solidarity Cafe on


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