May, Cheshire UK

received anonymously via email:


Stop pushing your violent propaganda on us. We do not want it. The animals do not need it. We will not allow it.

If you promote violence, watch your backs, as we are coming. SCUM!”


Delayed report: April, Lincolnshire UK

Received anonymously via email:

“By sneaking in through the conveyor belt system, we were able to get in and out with 12 lives in the matter of minutes, without leaving a trace.

Be tactful. Save lives. Fuck oppression!”


14th May, Serbia

received anonymously via email:

“On the night of May 14-15 in Serbia, ALF activists destroyed two hunting towers and damaged two more.

It is a great honor to be part of the global ALF team.

For freedom – for justice – for peace”



20th April, Oaks Farm, Halstead, UK.

received anonymously via email:

“We’ve been following Kent Animal Defenders since their last campaign, its a great place to get tip offs about animal abusers in our area, after reading up on the latest shit pit, we decided to take a visit and found 4 lambs in a tiny area, no water, no food and somehow a large bull calf had managed to get into the space, it was a mess.

They’re safe now, sadly unlike the rest of the animals there, this arsehole needs to understand that you don’t get to neglect animals or breed them to profit from their bodies, we’re watching you, you won’t know when but we will be back, don’t underestimate us!



It has come to our attention that Hit Reports are not being received as intended and that many actions are going unreported due to tech problems. In this post we will explain step by step how folks are able to send reports anonymously.

Before we get into it we need to make a couple of things clear. Firstly, Unoffensive serves as a media platform, we don’t know who sends the reports and we do not want to know who sends the reports. Keeping folks anonymous is the best way to do this. Secondly, we are not promoting illegal activities and we would never suggest to anyone to partake in illegal direct action. We merely serve as an information platform.

Now to the important bit. To be able to connect online as anonymously as you are able to, you’re going to need Tor Browser and a VPN. You can download Tor on www.torproject.org and we would suggest either ProtonVPN or MullvardVPN.

If you are sending photos or video, you want to remove the metadata from the media. This sounds difficult but it really isn’t. Download ExifCleaner here: https://exifcleaner.com/ and simply drag and drop the media into the software. Job done. If using phone, download ObscuraCam instead.

Once media metadata is gone, you want to connect your VPN and start Tor Browser. You will be using Tor from now on until you’re done sending a report.

You can upload your media to Wetransfer.com and copy the download link. Once you have that, you’ve got a couple of options.

You can either visit the contact us on our website and drop the written report (where, when and what are important bits of information, your personal identity IS NOT!) and the download link on our message box where it says “Your Message”, then click on “encrypt and send” and you are done! You can find our message box on www.unoffensiveanimal.is/contact-us

If you do not want to use our website to send a report, you can send it to our email address. We have now changed our hit report email address in order to reduce the load from our main email. From now on, reports will be received through unoffensivereports(at)protonmail(dot)com

In order to send an anonymous email, you can either go to https://tempr.email or to https://anonymousemail.me/. DO NOT use your personal email address, or your group’s address.

If it all falls and reports have not been published after a couple of weeks, give it another try. Send another message using a different way to communicate with us.

To sum up:

1- Download Tor and a VPN.
2- Delete metadata from media using ExifCleaner or ObscuraCam, depending if you’re using computer or smartphone.
3-Connect your VPN and open Tor browser
4- Upload your media to Wetransfer and copy the link
5a- Go to the Message Box on the “contact us” tab on our website and submit the report and media link, click on “encrypt and send”
5b- Go to Anonymousemail.me and send the report and media link that way if you rather not submit the report through our website.
6- If after a couple of weeks the report has not been published, try a different way and resubmit!

Hopefully this makes everything a lot clearer and folks are able to navigate our communication systems.

Stay safe and stay dangerous.



After a relentless campaigning against HLS that bright them to the ground an anonymous donor bailed out HLS in 2001.

Whilst HLS believed this to be a saving move, people did not feel deterred and kept fighting.

In this ALFriday, you can watch a collection of news clips from different British TV reports on the demonstrations just after the donor saved HLS from bankruptcy.

Historically, the determination to shut HLS is one of the biggest and strongest emotional drives that the animal liberation movement has had. Even with the media against them, SHAC was able to gather more and more folk who fought against vivisection with a huge plethora of tactics.

Today, HLS still operates under the name of Envigo, worldwide.

Not that long ago, footage from the situation in animal laboratories in Spain surfaced, resulting in a new campaign called Rescate Vivotectnia.

What will it take to bring vivisection down? And how are you helping in order to achieve their liberation?


13th May, London UK

received anonymously over email:

” ‘The Ginger Pig’ have many stores across the city. Last night, we made our way to their branch near Clapham Common. This area has recently had a lot of attention on it after the murder of Sarah Everard at the hands of a police officer. Naturally, they swore more would plague the streets. Last night, their presence was definitely felt, we were feeling stubborn though.

After a series of close encounters, our target windows were in sight. And so was a delivery truck. Doors wide open, proudly displaying the cruelty that compelled us to be there. The additional delay wasn’t ideal but this came as a heavy reminder of what we were there to do and why we were there to do it. No matter how many blue lights and sirens ripped through the sky, we weren’t going to be deterred. The slim possibility of being thrown into a van handcuffed felt very minimal in comparison to the animals’ certainty of being thrown into one bloody and dismembered.

Once the truck had fucked off and a comfortable amount of time had passed, we attacked. Cops protect property not people but turns out they couldn’t even do that.”


It’s been a while since our last update. There are a few different reasons, but the main one is simply that we are trying to restructure how Unoffensive works in terms of work distribution and responsibilities, so with that we’ve slowed down our social media work. 
 We are very curious to know what our followers and supporters think we should be putting efforts towards in the context of social media and media creation. 
 Of course, Hit Reports are not something we have any form of say. They are published as and when they are received, thus we cannot change the amount that is published in any way, but there are other fronts we can focus on. In the past we’ve published “ALFridays”, “Incite, Conspire, Inspire”, “Flammable”, “A is for Anarchy”, “Tech and Sec 101” and a plethora of other series focusing on bringing knowledge and information to those who follow us. Sadly, because they don’t come with very saucy looking ALF photos, they don’t tend to be very well received. 
 For that reason, we would like to hear your thoughts about which series work and which are not too useful. What interests you? What do you think UA could focus on? 

Even more importantly, we would be happy to hear from folks who might want to take responsibility for a series, or any form of media and information creation to submit to UA. If you think you’d like to help, you’re more than welcome to contact us over private message or even better, over email. All contact details are on our website.
 Lastly, we would like to mention that even if our social media work might’ve slowed down, we are of course still working on aiding folks in prison and folks who have ended up in court. Prisoner Support one of the biggest pillars that UA will always fight to maintain. 
 This month has been a pricey one. We’ve had to pay for servers, domains and a bunch of other bits that keep us up and running online, so we managed to send a bit less than the standard out to those who need it. 
 Our Patreon support has also dipped, possibly due to uncertain economical times, but we would like to show our deepest gratitude to anyone who supports us or has ever supported us via Paypal and Patreon or even buying merch. You all are fucking awesome. 
 Everybody needs to know that the money we receive is not for any form of personal gain, wages or whatnot. Money is used to support activists in need as well as cover the costs of maintaining our platforms. 
 If you think you can afford it, it would be awesome if you could join our Patreon team: 

And if you prefer throwing a few coins as a one-off, PayPal also works: 
 unoffensive_animal @ tutanota . com
 Thank you again to everybody who keeps helping and supporting and encouraging us to keep working.


2nd May, Germany.

According to mainstream media reports, two Hunting towers were destroyed in Auringer Wald, Germany. A third one was found to have the ladder sneakily sawn in order to break when in use.

The hunters report that the sabotage has costed them about 4000 Euros and that because the hunting towers cannot be insured, they will have to cover all costs. The police reported they don’t have a clue about who the perpetrators could be.

PHOTO: From a local newspaper, hunter poses sad next to a destroyed tower.