It has come to our attention that Hit Reports are not being received as intended and that many actions are going unreported due to tech problems. In this post we will explain step by step how folks are able to send reports anonymously.

Before we get into it we need to make a couple of things clear. Firstly, Unoffensive serves as a media platform, we don’t know who sends the reports and we do not want to know who sends the reports. Keeping folks anonymous is the best way to do this. Secondly, we are not promoting illegal activities and we would never suggest to anyone to partake in illegal direct action. We merely serve as an information platform.

Now to the important bit. To be able to connect online as anonymously as you are able to, you’re going to need Tor Browser and a VPN. You can download Tor on and we would suggest either ProtonVPN or MullvardVPN.

If you are sending photos or video, you want to remove the metadata from the media. This sounds difficult but it really isn’t. Download ExifCleaner here: and simply drag and drop the media into the software. Job done. If using phone, download ObscuraCam instead.

Once media metadata is gone, you want to connect your VPN and start Tor Browser. You will be using Tor from now on until you’re done sending a report.

You can upload your media to and copy the download link. Once you have that, you’ve got a couple of options.

You can either visit the contact us on our website and drop the written report (where, when and what are important bits of information, your personal identity IS NOT!) and the download link on our message box where it says “Your Message”, then click on “encrypt and send” and you are done! You can find our message box on

If you do not want to use our website to send a report, you can send it to our email address. We have now changed our hit report email address in order to reduce the load from our main email. From now on, reports will be received through unoffensivereports(at)protonmail(dot)com

In order to send an anonymous email, you can either go to or to DO NOT use your personal email address, or your group’s address.

If it all falls and reports have not been published after a couple of weeks, give it another try. Send another message using a different way to communicate with us.

To sum up:

1- Download Tor and a VPN.
2- Delete metadata from media using ExifCleaner or ObscuraCam, depending if you’re using computer or smartphone.
3-Connect your VPN and open Tor browser
4- Upload your media to Wetransfer and copy the link
5a- Go to the Message Box on the “contact us” tab on our website and submit the report and media link, click on “encrypt and send”
5b- Go to and send the report and media link that way if you rather not submit the report through our website.
6- If after a couple of weeks the report has not been published, try a different way and resubmit!

Hopefully this makes everything a lot clearer and folks are able to navigate our communication systems.

Stay safe and stay dangerous.


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