It’s been a while since our last update. There are a few different reasons, but the main one is simply that we are trying to restructure how Unoffensive works in terms of work distribution and responsibilities, so with that we’ve slowed down our social media work. 
 We are very curious to know what our followers and supporters think we should be putting efforts towards in the context of social media and media creation. 
 Of course, Hit Reports are not something we have any form of say. They are published as and when they are received, thus we cannot change the amount that is published in any way, but there are other fronts we can focus on. In the past we’ve published “ALFridays”, “Incite, Conspire, Inspire”, “Flammable”, “A is for Anarchy”, “Tech and Sec 101” and a plethora of other series focusing on bringing knowledge and information to those who follow us. Sadly, because they don’t come with very saucy looking ALF photos, they don’t tend to be very well received. 
 For that reason, we would like to hear your thoughts about which series work and which are not too useful. What interests you? What do you think UA could focus on? 

Even more importantly, we would be happy to hear from folks who might want to take responsibility for a series, or any form of media and information creation to submit to UA. If you think you’d like to help, you’re more than welcome to contact us over private message or even better, over email. All contact details are on our website.
 Lastly, we would like to mention that even if our social media work might’ve slowed down, we are of course still working on aiding folks in prison and folks who have ended up in court. Prisoner Support one of the biggest pillars that UA will always fight to maintain. 
 This month has been a pricey one. We’ve had to pay for servers, domains and a bunch of other bits that keep us up and running online, so we managed to send a bit less than the standard out to those who need it. 
 Our Patreon support has also dipped, possibly due to uncertain economical times, but we would like to show our deepest gratitude to anyone who supports us or has ever supported us via Paypal and Patreon or even buying merch. You all are fucking awesome. 
 Everybody needs to know that the money we receive is not for any form of personal gain, wages or whatnot. Money is used to support activists in need as well as cover the costs of maintaining our platforms. 
 If you think you can afford it, it would be awesome if you could join our Patreon team: 

And if you prefer throwing a few coins as a one-off, PayPal also works: 
 unoffensive_animal @ tutanota . com
 Thank you again to everybody who keeps helping and supporting and encouraging us to keep working.

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