For anyone who does not know, Eric is an antifascist and anarchist prisoner who is serving a 10 year sentence for throwing Molotov cocktails to an empty federal building. Since 2018, he has been facing incredibly brutal and violating prosecution from the guards in prison. Guards purposely led Eric into a locked up area where a nazi was waiting for him minutes after informing him that a white supremacist group was after him. They sat and watched the nazi beat the shit out of Eric.

Guards beat Eric multiple times whilst in the showers and even shackled him naked to a bed for eight hours straight. He was also led into an out of sight storage area and beaten up by the guards and when defending himself he earned multiple disciplinary complaints that could land him another twenty years in prison.

He has been held in solitary confinement for over 1000 days. 

The sole reason for this abuse is his political believes and the unwillingness to stop talking about it. 

The Civil Liberties Defence Center has now filed a lawsuit on his behalf to challenge the obvious collaboration between white supremacists and guards to harm or even attempt to kill Eric whilst in prison.

There is no doubt that Eric needs as much support as it is humanly possible. He is being targeted as a political prisoner and the mistreatment he is receiving is shocking. Please send a letter to Eric today. Tell him what is going on in your world, or write about some actions or news that you’ve read that you think he would like hearing.

As the prison guards are scum, try to avoid sending cards. Just send letters on white paper, black pen, in case they decide that colourful stuff is too dangerous. 

His address here: 

Eric King #27090-045
FCI Englewood
9595 West Quincy Avenue
Littleton, Colorado 80123

More info on his case:

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