We’ve received a callout for the next antispeciest gathering in Hambacher Forst. As we mentioned last year, the Anti-Speciesist Gathering in Hambacher Forst is now a fully fledged project and we’ve stepped down from the organising, so any questions and doubts you can reach the team on their website and email. You can find all the details below:



During the pandemic many people started to think that online-activism is the best way of resisting…

The Hambacher Forest is a long-standing autonomous zone fighting the biggest opencast coalmine in so-called Europe. Meet us here this summer for a weekend of exchanging knowledge on the topic of direct action for animal liberation.

Many animal rights groups have become a hotbed for fascist/patriarchal/transphobic/homophobic/white-suprematist views and behaviors. Others offer a smug vegan capitalism promising to save the world if only we change our consumption habits. At this event we want to appeal to our comrades and not the masses: this is a space for like-minded individuals to share skills and perspectives on anti-speciesist struggles, outside and against bureaucratic campaigns and organizations, uncompromising in our rejection of the state, capitalism and all forms of oppression.

No liberal campaigning or protesting. No pacifist cop-hugging. No saviour complex “rescuing”. It’s time to meet, plan and make trouble!

A list of workshops will be soon announced. They will mostly be practical, along with broader discussions on animal liberation strategy. (You are also warmly invited to propose/provide your own!)

Pack your sleeping bag, get a ride, and join us in July!


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