Touluse France.

via: Act for freedom now!

Solidarity with the demonstrations against the Lutzerath coal mine!

On the night of January 19, in Toulouse, near the Demoiselles Bridge, two charging stations for electric cars were burned. We don’t want coal or lithium mines.

These charging stations will increase the need for electricity and the production of new cars, which cannot do without the carbon industry. Nuclear power is therefore not the promise of any transition, but the constant accumulation of industrial resources for a booming energy market. Coal plants reopen in France while they expand in Germany. At the same time, nuclear power gets the green label to impose itself in Europe, and electricity is the pretext for rare earth mining.

Let’s not give in to blackmail: Neither coal nor nuclear! We will only reduce our consumption if we reduce capitalism to a nightmare of the past.”



via: This is Not a Drill.

30th January, Cambridge UK.

“Over the weekend, environmental activists smashed the glass doors at the University of Cambridge Department of Chemical Engineering’s main entrance. They took this action in protest of the department’s fossil fuel research, funding and lobbying. The activists also spray-painted the words “THIS IS NOT A DRILL” on the building’s main walkway in red.

In a report to climate action reporting website This Is Not a Drill, the activists gave two reasons for targeting the department. “This department was founded with money from Shell and it’s committed to keeping up its fossil fuel connections over the years – including collaboration with BP, Exxon and Schlumberger. Because of this, Chemical Engineering staff lobbied against against a recent vote to cut fossil fuel research ties at the University of Cambridge. It shows how completely corrupt they are.”

According to Fossil Free Research, partnerships such as those maintained by the Chemical Engineering department bias research outcomes. The vote referred to is the recent motion (also known as a Grace) which was blocked by the University of Cambridge’s governing body from going to a full vote after intervention from fossil fuel funded scientists, including several from the Department of Chemical Engineering.

A member of the protest group spoke about why they broke the glass: “Companies like Shell and Exxon have profited from murder and the theft of land, and the University of Cambridge doesn’t just work with them – it actively protects them. If votes and conversations won’t change that, maybe direct action will.”

The protest follows several notable climate actions reported by This Is Not a Drill in the last three months:

  • In October, the front windows were smashed at fossil fuel giant Schlumberger’s oil research centre in Cambridge, which hosts a test oil drill on University of Cambridge land.
  • In November, Cambridge’s Department of Engineering was targeted for its research collaborations with BP and Shell, as well as its doctoral training centres funded by fossil fuel companies. Protestors shattered its rock-shaped advertising screen in multiple places, which still hasn’t been fixed.
  • Most recently, at the start of this month, the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies was spray-painted to highlight its sponsorship by numerous fossil fuel companies and the oil company executives on its board.”


30th January, Denver USA.

received anonymously via email:

“In the Weelaunee Forest of Atlanta, Georgia, land defenders are living and grieving, protesting the clear-cutting and destruction of 280 acres of forest for the largest police training facility that the US will have seen yet. This proposed behemoth of a facility – dubbed “Cop City” – would sit on land that has seen hundreds of years of violence; against the Muscogee peoples, against people enslaved on plantations, and against those held at the prison farm that once stood there. In recent years hickory, oaks, and pines have been able to flourish, providing new homes for creatures and humans alike, as well as cooling the city of Atlanta in the process. On January 9th, 2023, Manuel “Tortuguita” Teran, a land defender, was murdered by a Georgia state trooper, continuing the violence committed against the people and land of Weelaunee. We must not witness this in silence.

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, protests demanding police abolition have been met by claims from elected officials that more funding for training will lead to a decrease in the use of lethal force. This is outrageous, considering that 2022 was the deadliest year for police violence. Cop City will cost 90 million to complete, one third of which is funded by tax payers, and two thirds by a collection of businesses that includes Home Depot, Target, UPS, Wells Fargo, and Chick-fil-a. Preventing the funding of Cop City is essential to the wellbeing of Weelaunee Forest and all those affected by police violence. We all can, and must, refuse to let Cop City become reality in as many ways as possible.

On Monday January 30th, 2023, we took action against one of Denver’s key players in funding Cop City: a Wells Fargo in the Cherry Creek shopping district. Underneath a racist mural we shattered windows and spray painted the following messages:

Stop Funding Cop City” “Rest in Peace Tortuguita

Cop City is not the first project like this that Wells Fargo has funded, nor will it be the last. This is a call to action in response to their willful funding of projects that kill human beings, animals, and the Earth.

Tortuguita lost their life fighting Cop City. While we do not believe that damaging property is an equal or adequate response to Tortuguita’s murder, we do believe that action must be taken to honor Tortuguita, to stand in solidarity with the movement to defend Weelaunee Forest, and to hold these financial entities accountable for their crimes against humanity.

We act today in love and solidarity with those in Weelaunee Forest and land defenders that are in active struggle against state violence everyday. This action is meant to serve as a reminder that private extractive corporations from the United States are responsible for perpetuating extreme violence against people defending their ancestral homes. This is also a reminder that this violence is not bound by US colonial boarders. In this, we wish to acknowledge the murder of three land defenders in Honduras since the beginning of the year.

We must continue to grieve, we must continue to fight. Also – fuck that mural.”


29th January, Belgium.

received anonymously via email:

“Under the cover of night 2 huntsabbers snuck into the forrest and approached the hunt towers. These hunttowers were used to primarily shoot roe deer and sources said these we’re making lot’s of victims.

For freedom – For justice – For peace”


Unoffensive was born many years ago as a tool to bridge radical underground action with the social media environment which most animal lib activists and vegans got their activism news from. Since then, we have started many projects and attempted to bring as many different news and struggles as possible to all our followers and readers.

After six years of working on the project daily, we really could do with fresh voices and support from other folks who would like to contribute. We did put a call for submissions not that long ago, but sadly most of the offers were on the art side of things which UA doesn’t tend to publish much about, and in the end, we got back to square one with no new contributors. We have decided to make clear what UA is looking for, and then let you all take part in it if you have time and wish for this project to keep going.

With our level of energy and time and without extra contributors, we won’t be able to carry on with the collective.

Of course, we are happy to hear about other ideas and articles, but here is a skeleton of the very basics of what we are looking for.

THE FRONTLINES attempts to bring news about current campaigns. Some campaigns we have focused on lately (and would like to publish more about) are CAFT USA’s actions against the fur industry, Defend the Atlanta Forest or Palestine Action. Folks within the campaigns are welcome to send a round-up of events every couple of weeks, but even if you are not part of the campaign but can keep a constant eye on what’s been happening and write a summary, that would be fantastic!

ALFRIDAYS used to be a video series where we would publish short videos or long documentaries of historical events relating to the animal liberation and earth liberation movement, and give an insight into the history behind it and perhaps external further reading. If anyone would like to take that task on, please reach out!

A is for Anarchy was an attempt at explaining basic anarchist concepts to folks who are not used to reading politics. Short and sweet, we have introduced concepts like Mutual Aid, Direct Action or the Black Block. The articles are not long, but they need to aim to be very simple and clear explanations of anarchist concepts for all those who might be doing their first steps as anarchobabies!

There are other topics and ideas that we would love to discuss with folks who feel like they can contribute, and we are always happy to hear yours! 

If you think you can dedicate an article a week, every couple of weeks, or even once a month, please reach out over email and let’s get talking.

Unoffensive Animal is a collective, and we all make it. If you want it to carry on and have the time and energy, step forward and let’s collaborate!


Unoffensive Animal.


25th January, New York USA.

via: Scenes From the Atlanta Forest.

“In the early hours of January 25th, the New York City office of Alta Vista, a subsidiary of Cop City collaborator Atlas Technical Consultants, was attacked in revenge for the killing of a beautiful queer Afro-Indigenous revolutionary some of us knew by the name Tortuguita. Alta Vista’s glass lobby doors got smashed—we hear for the second time—and messages were left in spray paint: Avenge Tort, Stop Cop City

Tortuguita should be here. It is unbearable that they are not—biking through the forest; cracking jokes about kratom; excitedly debating anarchist theory; organizing to sustain life in their communities; meeting all power and borders with unwavering hostility. We will never forget how these monsters took our friend’s precious life. We will make sure they never forget either.

May Tortuguita’s smile be the flame we carry to set this civilization on fire, and may it be the light that reminds us to love each other over the ashes.”


HSS has sent us a text to help raise funds so they can sabotage the lynx cull. Hunters want to murder 164 lynx in Sweden starting 1st of March. They only need 442 EUR and have already raised 186 EUR, so this is a very manageable amount that we are sure we can help crowdfund.

Please read their text below, and donate here:


On March 1st the lynx cull starts in Sweden and 164 lynx have been sentenced to lose their lives in brutal and ruthless ways. The hunters will tear families apart, torture them to death and traumatize not only the lynx but all the inhabitants of the forest. Because of Swedens new far-right government consisting of hunters, the amount of lynx that will be hunted is record high. As if this were not enough, the lynx is a popular animal to kill in the most sadistic ways. A common hunting method is to have dogs chase them up trees and then shoot them from below. Lynx have also been found strangled, hanged and beaten to death.
Hunt Saboteurs Sweden intends to make the hunting difficult and prevent the killing in every possible way to protect the lynx. We will do everything in our power to protect and save these innocent and amazing cats from the hunters bloodlust.
WHERE AND WHEN: Different parts of Sweden from March 1st and forward. We will stay for as long as the economy allows us to.

WHY DONATIONS ARE NEEDED: Unfortunately it costs a lot to sabotage a hunt. The sabs needs food and shelter but also cars and petrol since the hunt is taking place in the woods and sometimes very far away from the society. We always make sure to choose the cheapest options of everything.
WHY TO PROTECT THE LYNX: Hunt Saboteurs Sweden is an anti-hunting and antispeciesist organization that fights for and protects the wild animals against hunters and their psychopathy. We are dedicated to animal liberation. This means we work with groups locally, nationally and worldwide who fight to end domination and injustice.

We take direct action peacefully when needed on the fields to stop the hunt and slaughter of our wildlife. Not everyone can join us on the fields but anyone can play an important role. Fundraising and raising awareness are as important as the sabbing itself.

Mail: [email protected]


20th January, Novi USA.

via: Scenes From the Atlanta Forest.

“From so-called Novi, MI:

On the Night of Rage (January 20) the Detroit MI Atlas offices were artfully decorated with acid-etching paint. Hope you had fun discovering that your windows are totally fucked, you shitheads. Atlas, until you stop supporting Cop City, there will be no safe corner for you on Turtle Island.

We did this in Tortuguita’s name. We love you, friend, and will never stop fighting. Love and rage to all those fighting in Atlanta.

-Your friends up north”


27th January, Glasgow Scotland.

received anonymously over email:

“Tonight 2 comrades entered the main campus of the university of glasgow and vandalised the bio diversity research lab and anatomy research labs. This action was taken after reading glasgow uni’s spreadsheets of animal testing done over the course of last year. This action was unfortunately cut short by campus security being suspicious of our presence (hence the small ammount of pictures) but we plan to come back with a bigger action soon enough.”


We have had a few extra folks follow our socials lately, so let’s do a quick introduction.

Unoffensive Animal is a media platform that receives anonymous direct action reports from around the world. We also attempt to facilitate prisoner support updates for animal liberation, anarchist and earth liberation activists, be it by sharing updates about their case or prison situation or simply by encouraging folks to write letters, as well as trying to send cash to folks for commissary or legal fees. Lastly, we also serve as an education platform (when we have the time to work on extra stuff!), and publish advice on technology and security, on history of the animal liberation movement or on anarchist concepts.

Last time that we did a money update and explained that we had sent money to prisoners, we sadly lost a few patreon supporters. We can only imagine that they had joined feeling they were funding direct action, so we want to make something very clear. We do not take part in actions, we don’t know who sends anonymous reports and we do not fund illegal activities. All the money generated from patreon support as well as donations or merch sales goes either to prisoner support, arrest support and court fines for folks who contact us about it and to the maintenance of servers, website and other tech stuff that keeps our page running. We do not take a salary as we are all volunteers, but that does not mean that UA doesn’t need funding! Servers and domains are a constant expense due to multiple countries banning our website from being hosted within their territory, and activists that face a fine or prison are always welcome to request our support, we will always try and help as much as we can.

If you folks can afford it, please consider donating to Unoffensive. We have PayPal, we have Monero and Bitcoin wallets if you prefer cryptocurrencies and we have a patreon page. It is worth noting that our patreon page is NOT “another social media” and we do not publish “exclusive content”, as we do not believe in publishing stuff behind a paywall that only those who can afford it can actually access.

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