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received via email:

“2 June 2024

Autonomous anarcho anti-speciesists countered the National Animal Rights Day (NARD) in Naarm (so called Melbourne) last Sunday. The following statement was read out:

“We are here today because NARD globally has been founded by Aylam Orian, who is a zionist and proudly served as part of the israeli occupation forces (IOF) for 4.5 years. A NARD event is planned in tel aviv, so-called israel this weekend whilst just over 100km away the Rafah Massacre is occuring and the genocide in Palestine continues to unfold. This is not a war, it’s a genocide!

Organisers of the tel aviv NARD event have expressed pro-israel and genocidal views on social media whilst also accusing those who stand for Palestinian liberation of anti-semitism. Opposing zionism is not antisemitic!

Over 45,000 Palestinian people have been murdered to date including children. The genocide has been occurring for over 76 years. The IOF are relentlessly bombing the Palestinians and starving them of food and water. Children are having their limbs amputated without anaesthesia, we are seeing mass graves where people have had their hands zip tied and been shot point blank. We are seeing refugee camps being targeted. The IOF, in which the founder of this event has served, are bombing people in tents. We are seeing footage of a father holding up the decapitated body of his baby with an inferno behind him.

And let’s not forget, the IOF is also killing the animals in Gaza. The cats, the dogs, the donkeys, the free living animals. This is what NARD is supporting! Also, locally in Naarm, NARD is platforming two transphobes, who also hold other bigoted views, today as speakers.

We unequivocally reject NARD and all it represents.

If you care about Palestinian liberation, if you care about LBGTQIA+ rights and women’s rights, if you care about human beings, if you care about the animals in Palestine who are being obliterated, if you care about fighting against all forms of oppression because they all are interconnected and not just that which oppresses animals – then you should be aware that this does not align with NARD’s and it’s organisers’ values.”

Italian anti-speciesists Collettivo Spazio Animale recently asked NARD to take a position against the genocide and to publicly demand a permanent ceasefire in Gaza – NARD declined to do so stating that they do not intend to take a public position, that allowing all the countries of the world to join is a stance of peace and that the organisation doesn’t take a stance on human issues. It was noted that so called israel was also hosting a NARD event with Tel Aviv organisers stating “when i took off NARD shirt I put on IDF uniform” and Tal Gilboa – a prominent israeli animal rights activist who has worked as one of Netayahu’s advisers on “animal rights” (that is, advising the israeli state on how to veganwash* the atrocities they commit) using zionist rhetoric, such as israel having the “right to defend itself”.

Locally in Naarm, the far right and fascist creep into animal rights spaces was evident during the NARD event when a woman, holding a Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) banner, approached us to state “I’m with the Jews” (conflating Judaism with zionism) and then continued with “Fck the Palestinians” and “Fck you too”. The NARD crowd also broke out into a “Free, free everyone” chant – giving #AllLivesMatter vibes and illustrating a complete lack of understanding of systemic racism and white supremacy. Enter stage left, the transphobes then came out of the woodwork taking specific aim at our comrade holding a trans flag. There were other instances of aggression from the NARD attendees with derogatory, abusive, ableist language and multiple physical incursions into our space in which they used intimidation tactics to attempt to silence us and push us out of the space. Interpersonal violence has consistently been a tool of colonial invasion, imperialist occupation and the maintenance of white supremacy.

Just listen to the fascists, they will always reveal who they are. The misogyny, ableism, racism, white supremacy, islamophobia, transphobia and the utter hatred for Palestinians on display for all to see. This encapsulates NARD – they became a visual representation of the reasons we countered them. The parable of the N*zi at the dinner table comes to mind when we saw first hand who is in their ranks and what they represent.

By tolerating bigotry “for the animals” single issue vegans uphold various types of supremacist ideologies, which only serve to uphold the human supremacism they claim to want to dismantle. This is not a pathway towards liberation! The animalisation of the Palestinian people by zionists has been an integral factor in justifying the genocide and their ethnic cleansing. And yet here we have a supposed animal rights organisation refusing calls to denounce so called israel for its genocide against Palestinians. Also, by refusing to condemn the genocide in Palestine, they are upholding and further entrenching colonialism, imperialism and capitalism – the foundations of which need to be dismantled and destroyed. Colonialism, imperialism and capitalism are also responsible for the animal industrial complex.

Animals are also exploited by the war machine globally for weaponry testing and data collection. The weapons which are “field” tested on and used to kill the Palestinian people are first tested on and used to kill animals – the connect is here!

We also wish to highlight the parallels between the Animal Rights Forum (ARF) in February 2024 and the NARD event in Naarm. There is long standing history of problematic speakers being platformed at the ARF and issues with the organising group, specifically one of the lead organisers. This year, the organisers of the ARF knowingly platformed a zionist as well as transphobic speakers (also allocated speaker spots at the NARD event). Prominent animal rights organisations and individuals knowingly stood besides these fascists, in some cases hosting and financially sponsoring the forum. To the orgs and individuals who have an endless list of pathetic reasons why they couldn’t walk away from this forum in full knowledge (prior to the forum commencing) that a zionist was being platformed – we still say, f*ck you. For all the times you have looked away – for ignoring the fascists, the misogynists, the transphobes, the conspiracy theorists, the anti-vaxxers and the zionists in animal rights spaces. It is counter revolutionary! With the exception of Naarm Hunt Saboteurs and a Greens MP, you all refused to boycott this forum despite global calls to boycott and divest from zionist affiliated spaces. Neo-liberal bourgeois notions of “choice” cannot justify your decision to partake and stand besides fascists – a decision steeped in racism and white supremacy. The creep of the far right and fascism looks the same no matter where we turn.

Any space that is zionist affiliated legitimises the zionist colony. We demand total rejection of zionism. So called israel can prosecute this genocide with impunity because of the power they’ve amassed from infiltrating our communities and spaces dedicated to justice, including the animal rights movement. We call on all comrades to unequivocally reject and stand against the infiltration of zionism in animal rights spaces, which requires collective active resistance – not silence and complicity.

The origins of the animal rights movement was born out of anti-fascism and we will reclaim the movement from those co-opting it with far right and fascist ideologies – the NARD and ARF events represent the rise of the far right and fascism in animal rights spaces.

Given our counter was a womens only disruption, we channelled the spirit of the Palestinian resistance by women. Even feminism has limitations when the liberation of Palestinian women will not spur others into action – complicity in genocide is antithetical to feminism.

We reject the far right and fascist creep into animal rights spaces.
We reject the vegan washing of the zionist state. No amount of vegan boots in so-called vegan armies will ever inform our position. The oppression of other animals cannot be used to mask the subjugation of the Palestinians over decades.
We reject the performative theatrics (animal bodies are not props!), saviourism and “celebrations” whilst other animals are lined up on kill floors in their billions facing their impending slaughter.

We stand in solidarity with Vegans in Palestine and other comrades globally who have taken a stance against NARD this year. We stand with anti-zionist Jews who are on the frontlines of solidarity actions with Palestine. Judaism is not Zionism. It is not anti-semitic to oppose zionism and this genocide.

Also, we wish to hold space for some of our comrades who have had their communities bombed, injured and killed by the so called israeli state.

The Palestinian resistance has deep seeded roots in every corner of the world, including at the steps on so called Bourke Street in Naarm. In under 30 minutes, we managed to claim the steps and send them packing only for them to take their cringey photos outside a pharmacy and continue talking into a vegan echo chamber at an empty amphitheatre – we hope the acoustics sucked.

We acknowledge that our resistance was undertaken on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. Sovereignty was never ceded and we acknowledge the ongoing effects and suffering of colonisation on this land and those who have been fighting against and resisting the oppression for over 250 years. We also acknowledge the Elders past and present who continue to guide and teach. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

Boycott and disrupt all spaces where zionists are platformed! Total Liberation Now! Long live the Palestinian Resistance!

End the occupation. Free Palestine. Free all Indigenous people, land, air and water.

No one is free until all are free.


– Anarcho Anti-Speciesists for Palestine – Naarm

  • “Veganwashing” refers to a form of whitewashing meant to encourage positive association of a subject with veganism or animal rights. In the context of Palestine, veganwashing refers to the strategic promotion of veganism by the illegal state of israel, in order to make israel appear liberal and progressive and distract attention away from ongoing violation of Palestinian rights and the genocide of the Palestinian people. Examples include: tel aviv markets itself as the “vegan capital of the world”; animal rights activists partnering with the so called israeli government to promote “meatless mondays” at the knesset.

NARD #NARD14 #NationalAnimalRightsDay #NARDMelbourne #OurPlanetTheirsToo #BoycottNARD

FreePalestine #AllEyesOnRafah #StopArmingIsrael”


{editor’s note: Over the past month, UBS has been reporting on their actions against a shoot that mutilated a bird used as a decoy in a trap. We have compiled the reports below}

Via Underground Badger Syndicate

FB: When the wild things come at night
Instagram: @undergroundbadgersyndicate

21st May, UK


A particularly nasty scumbag deserves a particularly excessive response. The poor excuse of a human who owned this Larsen before we went to town with it had mutilated a decoy crow so much it was difficult to even tell the age of the bird. All wing and tail feathers had been clipped, with obvious blood dry around the wings, showing how botched the procedure had been.

The crow is now being rehabbed by fantastic people who will ensure the bird grows strong and confident and is released back into the wild when they are ready.

The Larsen is now fairly sad. We don’t think it appreciated meeting the blunt force of a sledgehammer.

The extremely unnecessary use of a sledgehammer to bash a Larsen is nothing but a humble homage to the hilariously excessive video of Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs bashing mole traps with the same tool, but to be honest we think it’d be cute if the Sledgehammer Challenge took off. Make it a trend

Go upset a hunter somewhere.”


27th May, UK


////What happens when we find a particularly scummy keeper, Part1/x)////

Imagine believing that as a gamekeeper you take part on conservation work, that you are helping the wildlife thrive and that you are on the side of nature.

You then set larsen traps to kill corvids and do not have enough with the murder of birds that have done nothing to you, you also decide the best way to do so is by mutilating your ‘decoy’ this much.

Make no mistake, wing clipping is cruel in every single case. There are not “good ways” of clipping someone’s wings. But this excruciatingly botched surgery might’ve costed the life of this individual that was just curious about the eggs you had baited your larsen with.

We know they are in the best hands possible and we will see how they evolve. Regardless of their prognosis, we will make this keeper pay for the suffering he has caused to so many.

Keep your eyes peeled, we have a lot to show you.”


3rd June, UK


////What happens when we find a particularly scummy keeper, (Part 2/x)////

We told you about the bird with horribly clipped wings last week, and we said we would ensure to torment the keeper that did such a barbarity.

Well, we’ve been paying multiple visits to his land, which means we are making him sad on a regular basis.

This time, it is just a larsen that sat awaiting for us in his garage, the door locked shut was not an issue when his window was luckily broken when we arrived!

It was quite a funny image to walk down the footpath with a larsen under the arm a sunny sunday afternoon, having to say hello to more than one random walker.

We are not done with this keeper, by the end of the trapping season he is going to wish he took that job offer down in Kent!”


16th June, UK


Did you think we were done with the scumbag keeper who mutilated that crow? We were not. Accessing their garage through a miraculously broken window was not enough, stealing another Larsen was not enough, we needed to send the message, and so we did.

Three seats, three larsens, a ladder trap, a big bunch of Fenn traps and a fox cage later, we think we have let them know they are being watched.

They will likely feel the burn knowing that the fox trap they had set inside their walled garden is gone, shocking when it was ever so close to the posh twats bedroom! They will also be unimpressed having lost the ladder trap they hid inside one of their cow farms when they realised we were onto them.

There is fucking nowhere to hide when you have been found to be pure scum on the crust of this earth. We will search for you, we will destroy all your shit and we will ensure your life is more miserable by the day.

Think twice before mutilating birds again.

No justice, just rage.



June 20th, Luzerne Iowa, USA.


{image unrelated}

“Received anonymously:

All cages were opened, all breeding cards were scattered or destroyed, and perimeter fences were leveled at Schmuecker Fox Farm in Luzerne, Iowa. Anyone can do this, and the summer has just begun.”


June, Argentina.

ENGLISH (translation):

“With happiness we claim responsibility for the liberation of five chickens.

Searching to avoid the passivity complicit with speciesism we found one of many places where humans exploit chickens, who they’ll kill so despicable beings eat them. With the quietness of wild animals we managed to take a few from the thousands that sat in that place. Being just young chicks of just a few days they didn’t take long to trust us as their family and began living a life of freedom, very different to the one they had been condemned to by speciesist consumerist.

It is urgent to fight back against animal exploitation, not allowing speciesists in any way. True animal liberation is liberating animals and sabotaging. Organise, go alone or with an affinity group, be part of the liberation of animals, it doesn’t matter the number, every action counts.

The victims of non vegans and the victims of vegans that tolerate speciesism are awaiting us, they are on borrowed time.

Frente de Liberación Animal.”

SPANISH (Original):

“Con alegría reivindicamos la liberación de 5 gallinas .

buscando y buscando evitar la pasividad complice con el especismo, encontramos uno de los tantos lugares donde explotan gallinas, a las que asesinaran para que seres despreciables las coman. con el sigilo de los animales del monte pudimos llevárnos unas pocas de las miles que habia en ese centro de exterminio, siendo pollitos de pocos días, al poco tiempo ya nos tomaron como su familia y empezaron a vivir una vida digna, muy distinta a la que las habían condenado cada unx de lxs consumidorxs especistas,cada unx de lxs complices del especismo.

Es urgente combatir la explotación animal realmente, no dando lugar a especistas de ningún modo la certera liberacion animal esta en liberar y sabotear! organízate vos solx o con afines y se parte de la liberación animal, no importa la magnitud ni el número, toda acción cuenta.

las victimas (de las personas no veganas, y las veganas que toleran el especismo) nos están esperando, tienen sus días contados.

Frente de liberación animal”


16th June, Portland OR, USA. 

via: Rose City Counterinfo

[image unrelated]

“Over the weekend, two simultaneous attacks occurred at construction sites for a major refined petroleum pipeline running through the forested hills of Portland OR. Work is ongoing to upgrade the pipeline, which is run by Kinder Morgan and carries diesel and gasoline between Portland and Eugene. The pipeline is an essential supply line for gas stations in the area and part of a bigger network that runs up the West coast.

Two sites were sabotaged in forest park. At one site, a large excavator and other pieces of equipment were made un usable. Wires and tubing were cut and tools left on the worksite were used to cause more damage. A bird trapped in anti erosion netting was cut free. At the other site, dozens of trees have already been cut down above the pipe. The remaining trees set to be removed were spiked with various kinds of nails and bolts. A piece of equipment was destroyed there as well. All equipment belonged to Michels, a major company that builds pipelines including the Keystone XL.

The arteries of industry are all over. With a bit of imagination and effort, anyone can attack them. Leviathan is always vulnerable.

Strike now.”


12th June, Denmark.

Received anonymously via email:

“The ALF has liberated 5 hens from a miserable live in an organic factory farm in Denmark.

When entering the farm, the first thing we saw was several dead hens lying on the floor. Let there as trash to be removed later. Few meters from them were thousands of hens crammed in a loud and smelly barn. This is the best “animal welfare” available on the market in Denmark, just like in most countries.

Companies and animal welfare organizations convince people that it’s a good thing to support organic farms. That’s bullshit. They are only telling people that lie because they profit of it.

If you’re against the exploitation and murder of other beings, live vegan and fight for total liberation.

Unfortunately we only had homes for 5 hens. Getting the hens out is the easy part. Finding good homes with people who are ready to take care of the animals for the rest of their lives is the hardest part.

Remember to let you local grassroots activists know, if you are able to house rescued animals. You could help save lives.

Thank you to the amazing people who gave these beings a home and the opportunity to live better lives, free from exploitation and harm.”


TW: Contains some footage of animal cruelty.

via: Animal Liberation Press Office

“Historically, June is the beginning of “fur farm raiding season”, when mink born in March mature to a state where they can be liberated into their natural environment.

Since 1995, there have been at least 116 fur farm raids across the United States. Raids peaked in 1997 and 1998, and continued with small surges in 2008, 2011, and a resurgence in 2013.

In 2022, three mink farms were emptied by the Animal Liberation Front. Over 15,000 mink were liberated into their natural environment, and at least one fur farm closed as a result.

2023 saw the ALF visit three fur farms and liberate over 11,000 mink and dozens of foxes.

The anonymous liberators wrote “people need to see the filthy & cramped conditions where these territorial & genetically wild animals are kept up to four in a single cage. and the joy that is possible when they experience freedom.”

Empty the prisons.”


Prisoner support ensures folks feel empowered to take risks that could make them face the law. It tells people they will be backed for all who might not be willing to risk their freedom but that appreciate that others do.

We know many folks are not willing to risk their freedom but appreciate those who do because hit reports are extremely well received, welcomed and commented by many of our readers.

Unfortunately, it is not translating into prisoner support. Cheering for all the fantastic work that anonymous people do fighting back against speciesism or freeing animals from places of abuse is not enough. We must show up for those who have ended up facing legal issues due to those kinds of actions.

We understand that not everybody is able to afford donating towards prisoner support, but that is not the only way you all can show up. Writing letters to prisoners is hugely important, and interacting with posts about fundraising for prisoners goes a long way. If you can’t donate, please comment, share, send it to people privately, email distros who might be able to share it too or in any other way engage with it so more people see it and hopefully support!

Currently we are running a pre-order only merch sale to raise funds for the Susaron Prisoners, who are locked up accused of arson at a meat packaging plant, but that is only one of many; today we received a request for support for almost 2k GBP for folks convicted of taking animals out of farms!

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