We are taking a break. We could explain all the reasons for it but the reality is that internet isn’t the whole of the world and it is very easy to get lost in it. With a project like Unoffensive, a great deal of time is spent in social media and in front of technology. Out of respect for our personal mental health, we need a little break.

We will be back in two weeks. That means no posts, stories or emails for the next 14 days. For immediate release Hit Reports, please contact BiteBack Magazine on info(at) and please remember to take security steps sending reports. 

Please continue to support prisoners and tell their stories. You all should check on the latest news on Eric King because it is so incredibly fucked up we cannot just explain it on a paragraph. Go read about it, send a letter, send some money and remember it could easily be you.

We hope this break allows us to breath for a little bit and to focus on the bigger projects we are working on. The documentary needs focus, the information series are lacking and there is at least one if not two major events to organise.

Liberate Or Die event in Hambacher Forst is still on the works. Folks are confirming workshops as we speak. If anyone needs information or wants to offer a talk, please email 3_LoD(at)

And that’s basically it because part of learning self care is learning not to feel guilty about taking a break.

See you in the next riot.

Unoffensive Animal.

Photo: Lab raid in Iowa University, 2004. From No Compromise! Magazine n30. 

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