So after the shift in workload and the increase on collective members and folks taking responsibility within UA, we have decided that the online shop is more work than what is worth. We are going to stop stocking hoodies and tees, so whatever is online right now are the last few items to grab!

To ensure we sell out the last bits of stock, we have set the minimum price for tees at 16 GBP and for hoodies at 28 GBP. Of course, the shop lets you chose your own price and we do not consider those numbers “payments”, but donations, so you are very welcome to donate more if you want and can afford it.

We will most likely keep prints, flags and other small items up in the shop on a regular basis, but hoodies and tees are just not profitable enough to grant the effort of running the shop and dealing with missing parcels and wrong sizes! As it stands, the designs we have printed in the past will not be printed again, unless enough folks express they want a specific design reprinted, in which case we might be able to do a pre-order only sale and print only the ones that folks have already paid for.

From now on, in terms of tees and hoodies, we would love to do intermittent drops with fresh designs as and when, only in the form of pre-order. If there are any artists that would like to work with us, please reach out! We’d love to see what we can come up with! Equally as mentioned before, if there is any old design that enough people seem to want, we could also get them printed on pre-order basis.

We would love to hear from you, what kind of limited drop designs would you like to see? What sort of themes? Do you have any artist recommendations?

Go to the website and grab something before it runs out:


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