Ladislav is a Slovenian activist who was arrested in January 2012, to be charged for an explosion outside of a McDonalds restaurant. Ladislav was later sent to prison for 12 years. 

Ladislav is soon coming home! January 1, 2024 he will finally walk out of prison.

You can support Ladislav by donate money to his release fund. By giving financial support you will help Ladislav start his life again, free outside of the prison walls. 

Check Ladislavs fundraiser for more info:

“Ladislav has not been able to work or raise many funds since his incarceration and his family incurred significant expenses paying for his legal representation on the successful appeal. All donations will be sent to Ladislav to help him with basic expenses adjusting to life outside of prison and welcome him back with his family and community…”

Click link to donate:

Love and Rage – Solidarity 4-ever – Fck the state

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