Last Sunday, Palestine Action reached 28 days of siege of Elbit’s factory in Leicester!

Some of the latest actions in support of the ongoing siege include a spraypaint of “We ride 4 Palestine” on Uber’s Lime bikes in London, Red Leicester Choir performing songs in support of PalAction, and smashing and spraying Precision FM, the facilities manager of Leicester’s Israeli weapons factory.

Meanwhile, there have been a lot of news regarding charges and trials against PalAction.

Two actionists of PalActions current siege of Elbit’s factory in Leicester got detained for a couple of days and then released on May 24.

Two actionists who were involved in the groups’ siege of Leicester’s Israeli weapons factory in May last year went to court for a pre-trial hearing. They will be on trial from 19th June at Leicester Crown Court.

Three actionists who shut down Israel’s weapon’s factory in Tamworth were meant to be on trial on May 23 but the charges were dropped a day before the trial.

Further three actionists who helped shut down the Elbit HQ in London are on trial on Tuesday, May 30. Their charges were also dropped on the day.

Photo shows PalAction’s siege on Elbit’s HQ in London.

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