23rd April, NRW Germany.

via: Act for Free!

“We continue to warm up the shitty RWE company!

As promised, we are continuing to heat up the shitty company RWE [German energy company]. We would like to emphasize once again that RWE is just an example for all other capitalists who can suffer the same fate at any time.

On the night of April 23-24, we burned out the cable which connects the infrastructure of the Inden rat hole [an RWE-owned open-cast lignite mine in North Rhine-Westphalia]. We hope to have caused a lot of damage and chaos for the company. Every year, 20 million tons of coal are extracted from the earth in the Inden rat hole to feed the RWE-owned Weisweiler coal power plant and the bank accounts of the financial elite. In 2020 alone, open-cast mining was responsible for 11.2 million tons of CO2 emissions.

It is unacceptable that those responsible for the global climate collapse do not feel the consequences of their actions. What we are doing are only pinpricks. Nothing compares to the suffering that the climate catastrophe is already imposing on many living beings today. But while nothing changes politically, while global hierarchies accumulate money and power, and while living beings die for the profit of a few individuals, the pinpricks will multiply…

Greetings from GAFFA (Guerilla Activists Fighting For Anarchy)”

Photo: Unrelated image, arson attack at a pumping station in Hambach Mine in 2017.

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