Received via email from @wildfire.zine

Hey shoplifting raccoons!

We’re super excited to let you all know that Wildfire Vol.4 is coming (yeah yeah yeah, we know, Vol.3 was in 2022, we’ve been busy!) and we’d love to get some submissions.

We have enough articles for it, but it would be great to get more visuals to populate the zine. We are looking for artists who would like to send us some radical drawings, or photographers who would like us to publish some of their photos from demos, riots or actions!

If you send photos, please understand that we will not publish uncensored faces. As for drawings or other forms of graphic art, anything from anarchist to trans to animal liberationist is welcome!

The deadline for submissions is the 10th of July, so please drop us an email if you would like to submit some visuals. Please also include in the email if you’d like your website or social handle or whatever to be used to credit the images.

All submissions to wildfiremagazine (at) riseup (dot) net

For anarchy, for animal liberation!

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